Do you believe in reincarnation?
Aug 6, 2013 Tuesday, August 06, 2013 | 1 comments

Fun fact 1# I dont camho much (er, relatively hahaha)

Which explains why I often repost pictures haha. 
Well excuse me for not being one of those girls who look pretty all the time wtf

Fun fact 2# I dont watch drama much lol. 
Even if I do its usually HongKong dramas; it's rarely Korean haha. 

Cause you see, I have this thing where I casually always get emotionally attached to fictional characters wtf. Books, TV dramas, movies; you name it. And I just pretty much detach myself from the physical world and become the main characters hahahaha. Yea I'm one of those geeks fml. 

And for the past two days, I have been watching this Kdrama, Rooftop Prince. 

(two days was a literal statement. I finished 20 episodes in 2 days hahah) 

Yes la I know it has been out for a long time but I was very determined to not watch dramas what. Then my entire family got hooked on it idky? My dad was up at 4 in the morning watching this drama wtf. So I thought I'd give it a shot. 
And it was worse than I predicted. I hereby declare I'm one of those aunties who cries too much watching drama wtfff. My eyes were literally puffy for 2 days.

Then now you have me going bonkers on what ifs fml. 

I have all along been a great fan of the idea of having a past-and-present-life, and have always been a believer of fate. I believe so much in meant-to-bes it's quite consuming sometimes. 
All of a sudden, my desire to know about my past life is reigniting again. 
I want to know what sort of person I was. Do core personalities really stay throughout existence? Who were the people I met to me then? What would I want to change? Who will I meet? What do I learn? Who do I end up with? 

I have never been a hopeless romantic - overly emotional, yes, but never romantic lolol -, but it would be dear to know that the one person we would end up with, we have been, and will always be, together, forever.

I believe I met the people I met for a reason; I just need to know what was yours.