Monster University
Aug 23, 2013 Friday, August 23, 2013 | 0 comments

Holla gonna bolla! :D 

I didnt intend to start my blog post this way but I just read an article on how a "night person" schedules his time; how he sleeps late and sleeps in. At 12am and 9am WTF 
It's now 2.40am and I just only finished watching Monster University (watch here) my night has just started WHAT AM I T__T

On an irrelevant note, my current semester is literally a dream come true. 
I have only 2 days of classes a week, which really means I'm living my childhood fantasy of having 2 weekdays and 5 weekends; plus, my earliest class is 2pm! Be jealous hehehe :P 
Well yea classes are till 9.30 at night but hey you cant always have the best of both worlds wtf

Monster University is uhmehzinggg! 
Mike Wazowski has been my favourite since Monster Inc, and after the kid Wazowski, I now believe in love at first sight lolol.

One of the best things about prequels, that I find amusing, is that they show what and how the character of the characters were formed. 
Say really, Wazowski really quite annoying at the beginning lol. Especially when he and Sully were quite mean to the others. And I quite liked Randy for a bit (then again, I never really hated Randy).
BUT THE CHARACTER BUILDING THO (Y). It's so exciting to see how things were what they were like in Monster Inc because of happenings in Monster U. Brownie points for the slowpoke monster LOL.

What I loved most about Mike Wazowski, asides of his obvious optimism and amusing amount of determination, is how he made the best out of everything, even after he and Sully got expelled haha. His drive to go an extra mile and do the best in everything he does is inspiring, and relevant to real life really. 
He even made being a postman looked cool wtf. 

Anyways! The reason why I have not been blogging as much is because of reasons. 
3 reasons, actually. Namely Twitter, Instagram (@daphiexn), and Facebook wtf, It's like I have updated everything there anything I post up here is just a lengthier repetition and nobody likes that. 
Also, I have been Tumblr-ing excessively and have possibly caught the society-withdrawal flu wtf. 

Update: I would blog on, but it's now 4.30am cause I accidentally went on Youtube and somehow ended up having a Epic Meal Time sesh wtf. 
Also, I realize my flow of speech for this particular blog post altered between macam-yes British and Ah Lian english theres nothing in between so good luck having your brains knotted up while reading it in your head haha 

ta! xxx