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Sep 29, 2013 Sunday, September 29, 2013 | 3 comments

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I really like covering my face haha 
#tipstoinstantskinnyface HAHA #lies wtf

Six and a half hours of exams tomorrow and all I want to do is blog. I deserve an award for such strong will in procrastinating shit wtf.

First of all,

Words cannot express how happy I am I'm not even sure if I'm happy for them or for me anymore omgggg. I've shipped them since Almost is Never Enough and Ariana has been my favorite person since forever. To see them together FOR REALS IS I cannot even contain my feels I'm so serious I hyperventilated for the longest time!!  BUT REALLY THO. #OTP5EVER #SHIPSHIPSHIPSHIPSHIP

I'm so grateful for people who still reads my blog! Recently there had been a few people who came up to me and told me they love reading my blog and it really means the world Thank you so much for actually telling me that because it definitely made me beam with extensive happiness 

I promise I'll blog more tomorrow! *promise* I lack time so badly and my sleep had been so disturbed I can only pray everything I study stays in my brain long enough. 

toodles peeples xx