We're The Millers!
Sep 3, 2013 Tuesday, September 03, 2013 | 0 comments

Weekday boyfriends and I LOLOL

Went for We're The Millers with Beh and the Chocoball yesterday! :D Forever grateful for people who are willing to give me rides all the time srsly T__T

Catching up with the RS people is always fun la.  But I have been missing the chances to meet up cause I always so happen have work to do wtf. I was this close to miss Beh before she flies off again T___T
So I guess I was actually lucky for being fired LOLOL

I am possibly the only person who gets excited being fired wtf

We're The Millers was hilarious! I haven't heard so much laughter in a cinema since Despicable Me 2!
And yes, they did make us stand thru Negaraku - which, I didn't exactly mind, but wAS ARRANGING POLICE OFFICERS IN THERE NECESSARY I STRESS UNTIL T___T

Emma Roberts had been one of my favorite Emmas since Wild Child - mainly because I find her extremely gorgeous wtf - and Jennifer Anniston, since she became a Rachel in Friends.
And frankly, I have no clue who the male actors are LOLOL
Brownies point for all the uncensored vulgarity in the movie tho! So much secondhand embarrassment HAHA
Nothing amusing about the story plot, but the comical sense of humor and characters makes the movie worth watching haha.

September has been so kind ♡ It's only the third day and I already know that this would be one of the best months ever! So grateful for all the happy incidents, even more for the amazing company I have been having I can't imagine not meeting any one of them ❤ #blessed