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Better late than never I guess haha.

If yall follow my twitter, you would have known that two Saturdays ago, on the 5th of October, my sis and I got so lucky to be part of the Tw(eat)ers for #NNFoodFest. 

For those who missed out, Tw(eat)ers, is exactly what it sounds like - we tweet to eat. We trade food for social media currency, which is one of the best deals ever cause YOU SEE LA LATER OK HAHA 

The itinerary was that registration starts at 3pm and the event at 4pm. But being one with terrible sense of direction, we went at like 1pm to look for the place. Just in case we got lost. In Sunway Pyramid LOL (not that it hasnt happen before wtf)

We eventually found the event venue at 2.30pm HAHA and there were already bloggers nearby!
BUT being early had the most of perks la. For one, because we were there before the crowd multiplied by 900 times, we got to skip heaps of queues, and even got larger servings of food hehehehe

Irrelevant note on how I'm so intensely grateful for filters cause its like I dont even have to try too hard to take/edit pictures anymore hahaha. #nobutseriouslylolol
And below are less than half of everything I ate coz some pictures I take even filters also cannot save wtf

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Crayon Burger

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Royal Post Cafe
Which has one of the best cheesecakes I have ever tasted! 
The barista was even so nice to make me a Coffee Art Latte (I think its latte la hahaha) cause the crowd was small then ^^V

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Barista Guild Asia
They are actually a school that gives barista courses.

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The pretty lady that was in charge of the counter was the loveliest ♥
And also I really want to try their Cheesy Mushroom burger T___T

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Crazy Potato
ok I didnt get to eat this coz the queue mad long fml

Picture of my sis instagraming me in a Chatime insta frame #instaception #doesitworkthisway lol
Picture credits to Kenny

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Cielo Dolci
so must la include haha

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Kee's Creampuff

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Planet Popcorn 
If you know me at all, you know how much I love popcorn.
It's to the extend where during movies no one is willing to share a large with me anymore. So we usually get a large each HAHAHA

They gave a generous pack (orange one above) for each tweet!
It ran out quite fast, but my sis and I got so lucky to be early enough to get one each hehe. 
DO try their corn flavour!
It's fairly new. But it's AMAZING. I ironically rarely ever like corn flavored anything, but this is different. I swear.

If you dont like can give me HAHAHA 

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Juice Works

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Brilliant Nasi Lemak
Only including this cause I like how my thumb looks here LOLOL

And almost all of them gave generous amounts of food. Not like hypermarket testing type one ok. NewZealand Ice cream gave an entire scoop on a cone. (!!!!) 

It was so happened that my phone battery was running low cause I mad smart la charge without turning on the switch wtf. THEN there was this really pretty lady who was a saviour la really. I cannot thank you enough T___T 

Then I realized yuan lai using power bank need cable one LOL. So I still couldnt use the power bank la haha. BUT my sis was so nice to lend me her Tab to do some tweet-for-food hehe. 

Also, I spent half of my time there internally fangirling over bloggers lolol. It is always exciting every time I meet FourFeetNine and TimothyTiah, but I forever too shy to ask for picture haha. BUT THEY ARE SO NICE T__T 
I smiled at them while squeezing among the people (cause it was realllyyy crowded then), then the two of them smiled and even wave back (to me and 900 other people la but still) T________________T 
And also fourfeetnine is really so small I can never get over it hahaha

I am so thankful the the entire experience! The people were extensively friendly, both the food vendors and the Nuffie Crew. The food was amazinggg. I tried so many things, that I have always wanted to but never got a chance to, in a day ♥ 
Bumping in to familiar faces was a priceless bonus ♥ I bumped in to some of the people I have lost touch with for the longest times, met some bloggers I interact with online but only met for the first time, and even met new people. :D

Thank you Nuffnang for making everything possible ❤ I wish so much that  there will be another one coming up soon heheh :P

Signing off with a candid shot of my sis and me, featuring my fat face lolol. 
Still love me please LOLOL

Love yall ❤