Not NNFoodFest
Oct 12, 2013 Saturday, October 12, 2013 | 0 comments

I just found like 5 of my thumb drives I used to use like 2 years back. And seeing the pictures and videos in them caused so much nostalgic feels and also made mE CRINGE AT MYSELF SO MUCH OMG. I’ve said it a thousand times but HOW DID NO ONE TELL ME I LOOKED SO LALA LOL

I swear, I was never lala ok. Well, I’d like to think so lolol.

If things went as planned, I was supposed to blog about #NNFoodFest last night. But, you see, the thing about procrastinating to the very last minute is that shit tend to always happen wtf.

Of late, I have been juggling my life between classes, dance practises, events, personal shits, getting a dog, family gatherings, and The Coffee Shop project. I have this terrible habit of doing everything at the worst times so much I sometimes believe that I subconsciously try to sabotage myself wtf. And yesterday, I had to go for The Coffee Shop launching - which, as fancy as it sounds, it’s really just us ACCA club members raising funds through selling coffee haha.

Well, actually, it is quite fancy HAHA.

But I digress.

Because we had a bit of last minute technical difficulties, we had to do some more coffee testing. And because of reasons, I drank more that I wished to have, resulting in a horrible coffee poisoning lol. Idek if there is such thing but it definitely fits what I call it.

It was entirely my fault, actually. I didnt have time to eat breakfast, casually forgetting the fact that caffeine and an empty stomach never go well, had more than the legal amount of caffeine any human is allowed to have, and spent the entire day unable to even hold my head up straight without feeling like I was doing head spins.
BUT I am extensively grateful that the sick feels only kicked in after busy hours, and only worsened after the entire session was over, so I would say I was lucky anyway wtf.

It was that terrible. I wanted to puke so much, but all I had in my system was water and caffeine.  I eventually forced myself to have some bread and chicken rice, but had them pretty much all out within the hour. And it didn’t help at all that I later had to take the LRT back home.

Then you have this thing called a coffee hangover, which feels exactly like a normal hangover except you can’t even have green tea to clear your head because of all the caffeine in your system wtf.

I got home, puked more, fell dead on the couch for 4 hour, waking up feeling a little better, ate a little, and went back to wanting to die wtf. My head pounded so hard if the pressure was a little higher I probably would have imploded. So I went back to sleep HAHAHA

But it was a blessing in disguise I guess. I had a good 19 hour sleep, after two weeks surviving on an average of 4.5 hours of irregular sleeping patterns hahaha
Kids, don’t do this at home wtf

And, despite the rather unpleasant feeling in my stomach and constant gastric attacks from all the acid the caffeine I had gave, I had loads of pretty dreams! :D I relived moments I missed the most, and had vivid dreams of people I miss so dearly.

Dreaming is so different from day-dreaming in the most of ways. One of them being, in dreams, you feel the feels first hand, thinking it’s all real; and sometimes even burying the fact that you’re dreaming so deep under in your subconscious mind you don’t know you’re dreaming at all.

But I am SO grateful for being able to be part of the committee for The Coffee Shop project. The entire process – from planning and pricing to actually making it happen- was really, really interesting and this is something I am quite proud of. I have always loved and had the dream of being an entrepreneur, but this is my first time (i think?) actually being in almost every part of the project and it has been one of the best experiences! ❤

I also got to meet some of the nicest people! I got so lucky and was blessed with people who are the easiest to work with. The usual bunch was, needless to say, the best people - extremely cooperative, knew exactly when to be serious, contributed the best ideas to help the operation, so fast and whole-hearted in learning, the most willing in helping, and really smoothen the entire work process without losing their wit and personality in the slightest way.
You know I love y’all #brofist5ever ❤

Then there’s the new bunch, who I really only got to know of their existence last week HAHA IM SO SORRY HAHAHA

BUT we communicate much better than some of the people I’ve been seeing in and out college since my first day here. The both of them are intensely dynamic and have some of the strongest personality traits, but are also so easy to work with – which is precious because it is extremely rare to find people who have such amazing leadership qualities, but are open to ideas and so willing to work; and then casually become sarcastic asses who are so easy to joke with and can completely cope with the amount of senseless bullshit I throw at them once we’re off duty HAHA

I am so constantly grateful that I get to work with the best people tbh. I love learning so much from these people who are inspiring in ways they are probably unaware of. I am so grateful I got so privileged to be part of this project. It’s not one done on a big scale, but we all start somewhere.
I learnt so much in course of helping out in this project. Hectic and tedious? Admittedly yes, but the amount of things I’ve learnt and the overall amazing experience compensated it all.

I am most ultimately grateful that all my hard work was appreciated by all – I got so many positive feedbacks and compliments I never expected I was so immensely thrilled! – and got so lucky for having  an amazing club president that takes in my ideas (with thought) and put more trust in me that I do myself lolol.

I am also grateful for my sucky photography skills cause where else will I get my editing ability from HAHAHA


We’ll be operating on Fridays until the 1st of November and if you would be so kind to come by and bongchan, buy some coffee and all, I will put you in my favourite people list forever 

So this is my reason for not updating on #NNFoodFest and possibly, but hopefully not, the reason of my MIA-ness for the next couple of days haha.

Also, my apologies if you find my blogging style excessively odd. I have been on a Youtube spree and spammed heaps of Zoella, Alfie (Pointless Blog), and Joe (ThatcherJoe), of which all had been added to my endless list of favorite humans forever lol. 
And if you never knew, I have this thing where I catch accents so efficiently I mentally suffocate from the mix of accents in my though process wtf. So I am now blogging/thinking with a tinge of Britishness, together with a mixture of really just everything between Bubz and NameWee fml.

I’ll blog soon! Love y’all ❤