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No make fake good face day wtf

Ok I'm going to stop apologizing for looking quite a bit better in pictures than in real life ok 
I dont even know why I feel bad for it wtf -_-

I realize I quite like doing shit I cannot do wtf 
And then instagram it and pretend I'm good at it like that lolol. 

#ShitIPretendICanDo #1 - Nail Art

I very seriously macam yes this one lol. I spend hours painting my nails and change pattern at least twice a week wtf. 
BUT its true what they say practice makes perfect haha. Except mine is no where near perfect la lol. 
My mom used to hate it when I do my nails and ask why I keep changing nail color haha But eventually she started asking me to take pictures of my nails cause she say nice HEHE

Achievement: Unlocked 

AND recently I have been getting comments from really nice people asking me where I do my mani cause they're really nice! :D I'm already extensively flattered that people even consider it a manicure wtf haha Samore they say they like it a lot! So happy can cry T___T

#ShitIPretendICanDo #2 - Doodling

Dont judge me by the things I draw k wtf

I doodle shit load lol. And they never make sense haha. 
I am forever grateful for my amazing uni friends for dealing with my bullshit on a daily basis, and completely giving in to fate and accepted that their books will always be constantly getting random doodles HEHE ♡

And sometimes we take doodling to a whole new level. 

and make them body art HAHA 
Canvas credits to Mao hehe

 #ShitIPretendICanDo #3 - Art and Crafts 

I've always liked to believe that I'm a crafty person haha so I pretend I can do arts and stuff a lot wtf
Anyone wants any of these cause I have quite some a lot I made for no reason so they're really just sitting in my drawer wtf

#ShitIPretendICanDo #4 - Screamo

HAHAHA Eh say really its not easy at all ok wtf. I didn't even get to doing proper screamo wtf.
I only reached the level where I tried (yes tried) imitating Zac Johnson's cover of Boyfriend. Thennn I had to stop cause I tasted blood from my throat HAHAHA wtf. And lost my voice for a very long time, and starting losing my voice on and off very frequently lol

BUT NO REGRETS HAHA I would completely do it again if it would mean that I will succeed in it haha

Also I found this band (they formed a band called Murp no long after)
WAH I CANNOT THIS GIRL BRB CRAWLS IN A CORNER AND CRIES FOREVER but at the same time wow good job seriously wtf

Also, I am so grateful for all the kind people who says the nicest things about the #ShitIPretendICanDo - from nail art to doodling to arts and craft. People have been giving me more than expected compliments, and I take it as a sign that I must have done something right in my life to have so many nice people who are so generous with compliments around me T____T

And the highlight of forever:

This tweet made me the happiest person alive T__T 

The fact that I am surrounded with people who sees the best in me makes me possibly the luckiest person in the world! I have been showered with so many compliments and had the kindest things said about me lately I live in a dream ❤ 

I genuinely feel my life is magical for the people around me - family and friends, who are equally - if not more - amazing than anything I can ever wish for. I am thankful for people who constantly point out my positive characteristics, and say the nicest things about me even behind my back!♡ I am thankful for the people who accept me for everything I am, take in the worst of me, and forgive me in a heart beat. 

I am thankful for all the laughter and happiness I get daily, even more thankful that there has never been a day that passed without laughter. I am thankful that every day, I have things to be happy for, things to look forward to, constant lucky incidents, and most of all, the best company to share all these experience with. I am thankful that I am surrounded with people who has the best intentions, the loveliest thoughts, the most amazing personality, the kindest hearts, the most thoughtful beings, and the highest bullshit tolerance level haha. ♡ #blessed

Thank you for being in my life

P.S. I know I said I will blog on Monday but I swear I have a valid reason T__T 
BUT now I'm compensating la. Its 4.48am now woi #lovemeplease lolol

Till next time,
*sends lucky pixie dust wishing you the best day ever* xx ❤