[Sponsored] Make-up Review!
Dec 12, 2013 Thursday, December 12, 2013 | 1 comments

I'm back! :D

If you follow me on dayre, you've probably already seen this picture.

And if you follow me on insta, you might just have seen it twice wtf.

Also, if you do follow me on anything, I'm 900% sure you know that I have been away for my finals.
And for the entire time I've been dying to try out these lovely pretty things from zenzendream.com you dont know how much a challenge it was to resist T__T


First of all, Lace Invisible Transparent Double Eye Lid.

Lace Invisible Transparent Double Eyelid (48 Pairs)
(image from zenzendream.com)

I've always had double/triple eyelids, so this double eye lid tape is a first I've tried on. I had to google how to use it cause I really wanted to try it cause

do you even see it there O.O

And also because I wanted bigger eyes lolol. 
Some of you might be mentally throwing smelly cheese at me for saying this but I am really obsessed with big eyes and it's probably never going to change heheheh

It's not self-adhesive tho, so you'll need to use some eyelid glue for this. Make sure you get the one that turns transparent when it dries! You can get them here.

 Bare face with Lace Invisible Transparent Double Eye Lid

Sorry ah my face memang serong one lolol

What I love most about this lace tape asides of it being really almost transparent is that you can cut it to the size that fits you best. I made cut mine in smaller sizes cause my eyes was literally 40% of my face when I tried sticking in a larger size haha. 
It's really quite easy to use after a bit of practice, and finding your fit and all. 

Bonus: Both sides with the Lace tape ft my vain attempt of drawing brows wtf

Also from zenzendream.com,

K first of all I must state that, although the products are sponsored, my reviews are really much unbiased. Cause I am an auditor to the bones wtf. 


I have a terrible weak spot for colors, but for my make I've always stuck with the "safe" colors - brown, navy green, deep dark blue, etc colors that anyhowly end up looking like a shadow wtf. 
Having this palette is going to change everything hehehehe 

This time round, I played with the green. And the outcome was

you judge la lolol

You know how some make color just dont turn out the way they appear to be? Or like, you have to apply a really thick layer to get the some color on?
It doesn't happen here at all! They turn out exactly the color they are on the palette, and it's super easy to apply! The colors stay on the skin really nicely, and they blend in so well it makes the colors really easy to merge I love ❤❤

Last but not least, 

The blusher brush, I... didn't use it for blushing hahaha. 
I don't use blush. I can't pull off a look with blush to save my life wtf. 
I, however, used it to even out my contouring lolol.

It's probably not the right brush to use, but the size was just right for my face so it works haha. 
Plus, it was really soft and floofy! Being pink was really a bonus. I would have loved it in any color really. SAMORE ITS HEARTSHAPED. Win already lor laidis.

And so the final outcome:
My attempt of making the Allison Harvard face lol

Pictures lie a lot la ok my face still fat one wtf

Then of course, the camho spree lololol

All thanks to zenzendream.com for the lovely products! 
I'll be using more of the palette and give myself excuses to upload camho photos soon hahaha wtf

Blog soon! 
Love yall xxx