Put your hearts up ❤
Dec 30, 2013 Monday, December 30, 2013 | 0 comments

The past weekend had been one of the most interesting times I had most fun with in December - which is a really big deal because I have had at least 7 surges of intense happiness in the second half of December alone. 

I was working. As a promoter. For the first time lol. 

I've had jobs before this: I have been paid for writing, translating, blogging, worked as a waitress, face model, hair model, accountant, dancer, and some other unpaid ones; and I genuinely love every one of my job. But being paid as promoter, it's a first. 

To be frank, it wasn't something I was actively looking forward to. Waking up in the morning is one of the most dreadful things, what's more when it's a weekend. 
I'm not even too sure how I ended up taking up the job actually LOLOL. It's all the way in Sunway Giza, which is, according to Waze, an hour drive away from my place. 

But I got so lucky! My supervisor was so kind to drive me all the way there and back for both days. And fortunately for me, she was so easy to talk to and taught me so so so many things in aspect of dealing with customers and all. I'm 1000% sure I couldn't have done as much sales and successfully achieve so much more than the targeted sales if it wasn't for her help. She is a magical unicorn when she answers customer's questions. (Y)

The crowd was not runny-egg easy, but they were generally really polite. Even when they didn't like it and made faces that were really difficult to miss, they were polite. 
Oh but I was so flattered when several customers actually told me that I was doing a really good  job and that I was bound to go far with my personality! Knowing that I carried out my job well was a major relief, but to get compliments so great made my entire week 

Also, despite only working for 2 days, I've even gained friends (!!) who were promoters for other products. They were extremely friendly and so so easy to mingle with. We had the most fun consuming and giving copious amount of samples to each other I was rarely ever hungry there lolol. There was none awkwardness, which is ultimately rare for me to say the least. It's an achievement to be invited for lunch before even knowing each other's names. We refer to each other by the products we ambassador for hahahaha. 
BUT NAO WE CAN HAZ FACEBOOK. and that's the story of how we got each other's names wtf.

The co-workers there were so very very lovely! They were some of the most polite people I've ever met, and they had the sweetest smiles.  For the smallest most insignificant things I do, they gave the biggest thanks which were literally heart-felt. 
At the end of the second day, so many of them asked if I was coming back the following week; and when I said I wasn't, they tried talking me into coming back hahaha. One of the kakaks said "ah Kak akan rindu moi la." you cannot imagine how much happiness I had running down my spine. 

Working as a promoter taught me so many things. One of the biggest lessons was that running away from a promoter without acknowledging their existence is really just rude wtf. I promise to not do that ever. 
Also, I learnt that standing for 9 hours straight is actually possible, and Things are 900 times more enjoyable when you do anything with your heart in it. It really does make the difference of the world. 

This experience was more than everything I imagined it to be.  I am so grateful for being given an opportunity to learn so much, and for being blessed with amazing personalities I've crossed paths with. I cannot believe how lucky I was to be getting some of the best company and meeting the people who are so generous and kind. 

Thank you thank you thank you for my magical luck in everything.