Review: 88 color eyeshadow from zenzendream.com
Dec 23, 2013 Monday, December 23, 2013 | 0 comments

Hey gaiz! 

First and foremost, I apologize for being away for what feels like forever. I’ve been wanting to update about so many things but it was quite impossible. It has been one thing after another since the end of my exam. The desktop breaking down every hour or so wasn’t exactly the biggest help either. 

Rant section for another post.

Anyway! What matters most now is that I’m here.

And presenting you a further review of the 88 Original Color Eyeshadow Palette.:D

In my brief post about this palette, I mentioned that I am relatively new in using colored eyeshadows. I literally had only brown and blue – and I almost never use the blue palette wtf. So I’m really quite excited about this palette!

In the container (23.2cm x 16.7cm x 1.8cm) includes:
88 Eye Shadow Color (each 1.6cm diameter), a mirror, and 2 dual end foam tip applicators.

 The eye shadows
The eyeshadow on my hand, to give you a gauge of how it’d look like on skin. One or two swipes for the darker colors, and four to six swipes for the lighter colors.
I used a eyeshadow brush (not the foam tip ones provided).
Sequence: column 1 to 11

I’m more on the fairer skin tone so the lighter ones don’t stain much haha. BUT the light colors are really nice to blend – especially useful to give dimension to the eyes.  And they are really easy to apply, even the light colors. I know because I used my black cushion as a test subject HAHAHA wtf

As you can see, they give a really beautiful range of colors, and I particularly love that because they make the most natural combinations when they are blended together!

The shadows are highly-pigmented pressed powders, mostly matte colors, but some of them have a sparkly touch. But no worries, they’re not Edward Cullen sparkly. It is advised that you should apply them wet for a more lasting effect.

I find this this palette suitable for beginners - especially for those you who are adventurous in using colors, or just really want to tryout everything to find what suits you best. As a dancer, I personally think this palette is extremely useful cause god knows we have to change up our make up all the time haha.

I hope you find this review useful! Leave a comment if there's anything you want me to elaborate on. :)

Blog soon! Love yall ♡