Runaway, runaway.
Dec 27, 2013 Friday, December 27, 2013 | 2 comments

I have a million things to say, but have the slightest clue as to where to begin with.
I really don't. So I'm just going with it.

I'm currently listening to Ariana Grande's Honeymoon Avenue, properly for the first time. I love Ariana Grande extensively, and in every context there is, I wish I was her. Or what I think she is like, anyway. 
And I love her voice with all my heart, but R&B is not one of those music genres I would pro-actively explore haha. 

The past two weeks have been an intense, emotionally taxing roller-coaster ride. 
I didn't even realize I almost completely forgot about the internet. Asides of checking my emails, I almost never go online for reals. Not even Tumblr. 

So to summarize my past 18 days: 

First of all, I ended my 2 month spree of barely sleeping and surviving on mostly naps and occasional sleep treats on weekends.(I do not, however, deny that quite a fair bit of time was spent procrastinating wtf.)
I am so grateful for having such a healthy body who has been only strong for me. Seriously. With everything that I have put it through - all the odd sleeping pattern, eating pattern, stress and constantly screwed up bioclock - I am so thankful that I am healthy, and rarely ever get sick. 

The day right after my exam period is over, my grandmother passed away. 
Which explains why I have not been blogging. I needed some time to adjust to the news and all.
Everything was really sudden. One day she was joking and laughing in the hospital ward, and a couple of days after, she barely responded to anyone. 
Frankly, I believe that she knew, and had it all planned. I'd like to believe that she's in a better place now - she's been sending my uncles happy dreams, you see. 
I am grateful that she is now truly free and happy. I'm not sure if I believe in the after life yet, but for now, I do. And I believe in good karma. And my grandmother is one of those people who deserves all the good things, so I'm sure she'll be having a smooth trip over haha.

My grandma's one way trip to a forever honeymoon with my grandpa is also the reason why I didn't really celebrate my birthday. The days kinda overlapped, so yeah. 
But thank you for all your lovely wishes tho! I'm so sorry I have not replied it one by one. (I doubt I ever will wtf I KNOW I PROMISED LA SORRY T__T) Facebook wont let me see all my wishes on mobile and my computer has been shutting down on its own so much I have to give up wtf.
But please know that I am only grateful for all 200 over wishes through all means! You don't understand the amount of happiness I feel whenever I think about your wishes ❤

I also went to Langkawi with some of my favorite people in the world! 3 days chilling with my college peeps was definitely a reality getaway I needed dearly.
I'm so grateful for having meeting this love bunch who are so easy to click with despite being so different from all the other friends I've had. Especially Mao LOL. That ass really numbero uno LOLOL. 
I can safely say that it was one of the best 3 days in 2013 

Vine shot from trip back hehe 

After that I've been staying home doing some solitude time, spending most time with my fam and doing a luxurious amount of reading. I have like 20 more books to finish but school starts in 3 days I may or may not be crying now wtf. 

K I'm not sure if I have conveyed what I wanted to say, but I have to head to bed now cause I have to wake up in 3 and a half hours to get ready for work fml. And asides of the fact that I will be missing out on tons of sleep, I'm actually excited! :D

I'll be blogging real soon! Leave me a message here or on imotiv! 
All my links are at the side of the blog. Tweet me, write to me, whatever. I'll be sure to get back to you. #promise #forrealzzz

Love yall ❤ xxxx