[Sponsor] Lace Invisible Transparent Double Eye Lid Tape
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New midnight nails 

Promise a personal blog post right after this post! *sends a million flying kisses*
But first : -

To make up to the previous slightly too-short post haha. 

All pictures below are just my naked face with the lace double eyelid tape because I wanted to show only the effect of the product.
And also because lazy wtf. I apologize wtf. 

without double eye lid tape

I am blessed with natural double eyelids. On somedays, I have triple, and some other odd days, I have uneven eyelids. Like sometimes I wake up with one side with three eyelid foldings and the other side only one eyelid wtf. 
I've been waiting for a day with an uneven eyelid to show you a tutorial on how to even the eyelids out but this post is almost overdue and it's still not happening. So just pretend it's uneven ok wtf.

 reminder of how transparent this thing is
Step 1: Remove eyelid tape from the strip 
(Optional step: Cut it into the size you prefer)

I used the original size this time.

Step 2: apply eyelid glue

The double eyelid tape is not self-adhesive, so you'll need to use a little eyelid glue (the kind for eyelid tapes and falsies). Get the one that turns transparent when it dries up! Cause else it'll look a little unpleasant if it had white glue left-overs. 
Also! Get some that are longer lasting cause the ends of the lace tape might be a little tricky to keep them on them eyelids. 
If you don't have them yet you can get them here. Eyelid glue will not be included in the package.
Please find one that is suitable for your skin, and be caution to not get any of those glue in your eyes.

(Right: With; Left: Without)
Step 3: Place it where you want it to be

I put it right above my lash line. Press it down and make sure it sticks on your eyelids. Then leave it for about 20 seconds until the glue dries.

Check the ends and sides! Make sure they all are sticking properly. If there's a need for it, apply more eyelid glue directly on your eyelids - I cannot stress this enough: be careful not to let them enter your eye!- and leave it until it's completely dry

 waiting for eyelid glue to dry also can camho coz I efficient like that wtf


And because the tape is made of fine lace, it makes it suitable for all skin colors! You almost cannot see the lace tap on my eyelids here - and it's not because of the picture resolution wtf.
If you want to further cover it, eyeshadows are the way to go (Y)

Without Lace Invisible Transparent Double Eyelid Tape
With Lace Invisible Transparent Double Eyelid Tape

Full face pic just to show that the eyelid tapes are really invisible ok.


I regret not putting on foundation liao wtf 

BUT yea you see the differences! Even when my double eyelids are even, they look significantly more defined and obvious in a natural way.
I find it useful for days where I have uneven eyes because it's so easy to measure lol. I just have to cut them into the sizes I want and I stick them directly above my eyelids and I'm done! :D

Each package comes in 48 pairs! For more info please visit here

I hope you find this review helpful! Please leave a comment if you have questions!

Love yall