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Jan 8, 2014 Wednesday, January 08, 2014 | 0 comments

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Present shopping with my favorite humans \(^-^)/ 

My days have been consistently filled with intense emotions ever since always. 

Last Saturday, I finally met up with some of the RS after aeons.
I plead guilty wtf. Cause it's not like they bojio - they constantly do - but I stay so far away and I still cannot drive T__T because of reasons and also because I have the initiative of a sloth with soggy limbs wtf.

We met up at Sunway Pyramid before Nat's birthday later that night to get her birthday present. The last I've been there was so  long ago - heck, the last I've been out to anywhere not Giant was so long ago wtf  - it changed so much! With Sephora and Victoria's Secret and all. We spent half of hour time in there fangirling over perfumes and come out smelling 5 scents more complicated lol. 

Then after a good 2-hour search, we settled for the first present we eyed on from the beginning lolol, and headed to Neway for the birthday celebration. We arrived 6pm on the dot, being the first few there asides of Nat's fam. The rest of the Nat's friends and fam came in only slightly later.

Idk about yall but karaoke is always a good idea for me lolol. My first ever karaoke sesh was slightly more than a year ago, and up to now I've been there for at least 15 times lol. which is quite plentiful considering that I rarely go anywhere nowadays. 
But I usually go for the lunch sessions. This was my first time being at Neway's dinner so I didn't know what to expect. But the spread was surprisingly good. Sushi, lobsters and all that going on. 

No pictures cause I paiseh lol.

And Nat's fam really can sing! Especially her sister like she sang through the entire night, only taking a break for food. And also Nat's mom zomg. After she sang I just ok.jpg and ate my way thru the night LOL. 
Basically her entire extended family. All of them can sing. All. Uncles, aunties, cousins. ALL

Highest highlight of the night being able to spend time with the RS la. I miss the humans so much. Talking to Beh was the loveliest thing I miss most. 

It's true what they say - High school friends are usually the ones that truly lasts. And I got so lucky to have two entirely different bunch, both I cannot imagine being without. We don't really talk constantly - god knows I'm horrible in replying any form of messages - but the closeness remains always. Even after many moons of not meeting, we never needed time to "warm up" whatsoever. 
I don't think I've ever said this, but I am extensively grateful for having all of yall in my life.