Feb 19, 2014 Wednesday, February 19, 2014 | 0 comments

Some days are just not as real as others.

My brain has this ridiculous obsession with thoughts. 
I have the tendency to think about a million things on a daily basis and end up having a cloud of unsorted, loud thought fragments I can neither make sense of, nor get out of my head. 

Today is just one of those days where nothing seems real. 
But then again, most days feel suspiciously unreal to me anyway. 

You know how dreams are like? You feel like you've spent a lifetime in there. Everything made sense when you're in your dreams. Even slipping on a banana skin and end up being a body in free fall felt true. And when you wake up, you're left confounded by how blinded you were to believe in anything in there at all.

I occasionally toy with the idea that we live in dreams. 
I'd like to think that we each have our own dreams - we call them "life". We go about our own lives, where the presences of other beings are mere projections of our subconscious mind, its vain attempts to avoid loneliness. 
Then again, maybe, on special sometimes, dream-clouds intersect and we create momentous dreams so distinct - we call "memories". 

If we lived in dreams, it would make perfect sense how some people lead the dreamiest lives. 
Maybe they knew they were dreaming. Lucid dreaming. Being in dreams you have control over.
There'd be nothing too big we can't have; nothing too much we can't ask for; nothing we don't deserve. 
It is, after all, all in our heads. 

I would dream up a world where everything and everyone would be accepted fully and completely. A place where you'd get a medal for just being true to yourself. A place where time would be just a tool for accurate indications, not a constrain or a endless race. A place where education is a hobby, not an expensive life "essential". A place of abundance, and awareness of abundance. But most of all, a place of love. 

And then I wonder: If we knew we lived in dreams, would things be more different?
Would we take more chances? Would we make more daring decisions? Would we YOLO more often? Would we live out of our comfort zone? Would we love more generously? Would we give endlessly? Would we choose to live a million lives by making a million sharp turns in life? Would we still be who we are? 

I know I would.

After all, in dreams, the worst that can ever happen, is but to wake up.

Love you. xxx