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I've said it before that I rarely ever watch dramas
Because when I do, I will always get overly absorbed into it and feel every single thing there is. I get more heart-broken than I should it's quite devastating cause I'll have this tiny war going on in my head where my heart feels like it needs a million rainbows as blankets to make me feel any better, and rationality will try to talk in some sense but usually fails miserably. 

But I did it again. 

Queen In-Hyun's Man

And as usual, I had to be a far fall behind everyone else wtf. 

It doesn't take a genius to accurately guess that this drama is also about romance (which drama isn't nowadays?) over a different time lapse. My fetish for past-present life storylines is permanent wtf. 

This drama, however, left me so much more panicky and anxious after each episode it feels like dying on a hourly basis. SO MANY PLOT TWISTS. I cry in almost every single episode I have such healthy tear glands fml. 
Plus, I watched everything in a time span of 2 days can you imagine how much water I had to replenish after that wtf 

Now that the drama has come to an end, I get what people call a "drama hangover". It is where you finish a drama and now not know what to do with your life. 
Metaphorically of course. 

(I had to include that cause the last time I finished reading Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows my apetite diminished into nothing and I looked, in my mom's opinion, like I just got dumped by a boyfriend she didn't know about wtf. And when I told her I had a book hangover she told me that if that's the case I should stop reading altogether wtf) (She later bought us RM350 worth of books in the BBW book sale hahaha)

BUT good news is, the couple are together in real life and I just spent my entire afternoon reading about the two and watched copious amounts of video of them and how Ji Hyun Woo's confessed his feelings on a press conference (!!!). 

It's really exciting. I can't say it's more productive than the 30 pages of homework I should have done and I'll probably regret it later, but I had a good time and that's all that matters hahaha 

I had a better reason to blog and it is completely not about this; but this is shorter and, as all fragments of thoughts are, it won't leave my head until I get it out. 

So thank you for reading my pointless blog post. 
I hope you watch this show tho! It's really quite a thing 

Blog again soon! Love you