Review: Neuzell Juvenescence
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All in favour of easy skin-care raise your hands!

I have both hands in the air, waving'em like I don't care wtf.

Idk about you but I'm a tragic when it comes to skin care. I probably have committed everything there is in the Book of Things-To-Never-Do-To-Your-Face it's a miracle and a genormous blessing that I rarely ever have pimples. 

SO here's to all the time-efficient (read: lazy) people constantly on the run! 

The Neuzell Juvenescence is a specially formulated that anti-aging Skin Renewal Tri-Action Treatment that comes with 8 main benefits, and can be used as a serum, mask, and exfoliant


I was given a 5ml bottle sample of Neuzell Juvenescence by HiShop (real product volume 50ml), therefore the difference in packaging. 

It's really tiny lol.

Also, I used like a million filters cause I just had my face washed and my hair was in a mess so paiseh la have to cover up la hahahaha

My take is solely on Juvenescence as serum.

Clear, gel-like substance. 

This is the amount 1 pump gives from the sample bottle, 
but I reckon that 50ml version should pump out more.

smooth over

After smooth over 

Dried smooth over 

First of all, I'm a huge fan of nice smells. And with that, I'll be honest and say that I don't particularly fancy the smell of Neuzell Juvenescence. In my opinion, it smells like egg whites. Not that it smells bad, but it definitely doesn't smell very much like a perfume. 
And you can't really smell it unless you have it really near your nostrils so it's no biggie. 
But that's probably cause it's 100% free of Artificial Fragrance (and Artificial Colors, Alcohol, Mineral Oils, and names I cannot pronounce). 

Personally, I find the serum quite drying, and I have mixed feelings about it. 
The bright side is that it dries up really fast when you put it on your face, making it stay. I'm also really glad that it's not oily or sticky as it is meant for an evening use. Going to bed is so much more comfortable when you don't feel/look like greased bacon. 

On the other hand, it may be a bit uncomfortable. I personally don't like the tight feeling it gives after application. I would think that using it as a mask and exfoliant would be more comfortable, cause you'll wash it off later. 
And it makes smoothing over a bit of a challenge. It took me more than 1 pump to cover all of my face because it dried up too quick I had to use more to smooth it over. 
(Side note, I'm obsessed with the term smooth over wtf)

You can get it from HiShop at RM398.

Specially for yall, you can get a RM20 rebate by using the code NEUZELL14
with minimum purchase of RM99 
valid till 28 February 2014

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