[Event] LC Derma Workshop
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Event: LC Derma Skincare Workshop
Date: 7th March 2014
Time: 11am to 1.30pm
Venue: W XYZ Bat @ Aloft hotel, KL

Fashionably late blog post wtf. Haha no la I kid I kid

I'm sorry for the slightly delayed blog post but better late than never right?
Recent days have been a havoc and I've been a little caught up with exams and yada yada.
But all excuses aside! I'm here to blog now hahaha

When I found the email stating that I was invited to the LC Derma Workshop from HiShop, I was beyond excited! It has been a while since I last attented blogging events la hahaha #ACCAProblems lol
(Picture from HERE

Aloft Hotel is located down the road where KL Sentral is, so there was no problem for me to get there by public transport. But the weather was hot and I was sweaty lol. BUT it definitely beats the jam! And from what I heard, parking in KL was quite tedious despite it being a Friday.

I was proudly the first person to arrive LOL. Cause I was so worried that I would be late I ended up reaching at 1030 hahaha. But all is well cause that means time to camho lolol

#ootd haha

But perks of being early tho! I got some one-on-one time with the person who made it all happen, Mr. Benson Wong, and got a better and more detailed insight of LC Derma. So thankful that he was friendly coz I was secretly drowning in anxiety wtf 

In the box

Out of the box in the box

We were given a range of the LC Derma products as gifts!
It's very exciting cause this is actually my first set of facial products :x

Then as the other bloggers arived, I realized...  I was the only one without make up on. 131313

Cause I thought Skincare workshop no need make ma! Isn't it usually the case T____T 
So very fortunately I had a mascara in my clutch so I swabbed a few coats to console myself wtf. 

I tell you this because sorry ah my face not very nice LOLOL

Other bloggers and I

(for all picutres: HERE)

LC Derma with mad adorbs HiShop cake.

Seriously where can so cute T__T 

I'm not sure if its the usual service or it was specifically ordered, but Aloft has the cutest things! 


Lunch was provided too! They were so nice to make sure we have a happy stomach before proceeding with the workshop.

Spring Rolls

Char Kuey Teow

Rendang and Nasi Kunyit

Nasi Lemak

I ate like 4 or 5 plates HAHA
Not sure if it's cause I was hungry but the food was great lol.
After that, Mr Benson proceeded to introduce us to the products (seperate blog post for that).

Mr Benson sharing session
(picture from the sweet Jinqle heart)

Tentatively listening and making notes pls lol

Mr. Benson after sharing session
ft photobomb HiShop box 

After the sharing session, we were free to take pictures!
HiShop thinks of everything honestly. 
We had a perfect #camhostand that summarizes the entire evening haha

So I had to la lolol

Bonus candid haha

Jinqle and I
Skin so fair I jelly tongue

Me and the two beautiful Bolehs, Koey and Keryi haha

 Then we had cake

And camho-ed more lolol

Mabel who made everything possible ♥


He was asking me how come some girls don't look like their pictures one lol
So I told him the secret of camho-ing. 
And must la demo LOLOL

And lastly,
Group photo!

And the beautiful and charming faces of the people behind the Hot Pink box ♡

Thank you for having us!

For more information about the products:

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Product review coming right up gais! 

But if you've decided to buy already, remember to use the 
code LCDERMA for and exclusive RM20 rebate!
*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 30 April 2014

Thank you for reading!
I love you long time heartheart