On second thought, be a bitch.
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Haven't been updating for a while cause classes have been hectic, life has been intense, and I have been watching too much TV wtf. In my defence, I was also planning real hard for my sister's birthday - and, not gonna lie, it was great and fun but I'm not going to post about lol. 

Oh but I had to share this. 

That day, I was flickering through channels after my night class, I stumbled upon the best ever reality show yet - better than ANTM (!!) I didn't even know it was possible. Two words: Dog Whisperer. 

Yes I know I know it has been there for ages, and you probably think I live in a cave. I don't blame you, even I can't believe I just only found out about this show. Cesar Millan is a magician, and the dogs are just magic. 

And honestly, I think we can learn a thing or two from dogs. 

1. Communicate and show affection
Dogs are experts in communicating - it's us humans that suck at understanding. But at least they try! They bark when someone passes by, they wag their tails and welcome you home. And they make sure they tell you how much they love you no matter how long you forget to spend proper time with them. 
I am pretty sure that if dogs were humans, they would be better humans than humans. 

2. Living in the present
I may or may not have plucked this right out of Cesar Millan's mouth, but this is one fact you cannot deny. 
Throw a dog who hasn't socialized for 6 years in a kennel and a week later, you see it completely normal. Shush the dog a couple of times after 3 years of it barking at your cat, and they become best friends in an hour. Two dogs that wrestle each other every time they meet for 4 and a half years? Let them sniff each others butt and they're all good.
It doesn't matter how long or how bad their "problem" is, they don't care; more accurately, they don't even know. They can't remember. They don't hold on to "oh but I've been barking at that car for the past 3 years I HAVE TO KEEP DOING THIS". No. They move on.

3. Sense energy, and go with your guts
Dogs won't know your name. Heck, they won't even know their name. They know you through your smell, your tone, and your energy. Scream at them as much as you want, they know you're scared. 
This is so important I don't even. Intuition is one of the most powerful things ever. Following my gut feeling has landed me on countless blessings. And please don't have the belief that you "have no intuition". Everyone does, you just need to learn how to listen to it and have confidence.

4. Know when to stop pushing your luck
Oh but always, always, always push your luck. I learn this from my dog. After months of being with us, she still never fails to try to enter the house whenever we open the door. But she gets out right when my dad ie the pack leader wtf appears. Srsly my dad just needs to walk towards her wtf. 
Wherever possible, dogs try to take charge, and they do everything they can to try to be dominant; but when they see damn well that it's not happening, they'll just be like 

5. Get excited over small things
Name me one time a dog isn't excited for a walk and I'll show you a person who can't tell between a dog and a cat wtf. I've never seen a dog not excited for at least one thing. Unless your dog is pampered with steak seasoned with rosemary on a daily basis, of which you probably have a problem. 
Get excited over going to a new park, get excited for a bath with a new scent, get excited over manicures, get excited over the new season of ANTM, get excited over Happy Meal, get excited over everything. I assure you, life's more interesting like that. 8

Dogs are therapeutic to be with when they're balanced. Yes, I admit that there are a million ways I can be a better owner, and I'm learning - Dog Whisperer is really just tuition time come to think of it wtf - but I honestly think that having Lex helped me be a better person and I've learnt so much. And I'm forever thankful that she's really easy to handle and so easy to love when she's not biting clothes and rubbing dirt on my clothes hahaha

So, my piece of advice? Be a bitch. Or dog. (No fancy name for male dogs sorry lol).

After all,
it's remotely possible to deny this lolol

Thank you for reading! 
Love you loads xx heartheart