Paper Hearts
Apr 19, 2014 Saturday, April 19, 2014 | 0 comments

I can almost promise you that I'm obsessed with Tori Kelly's voice magad. 
Only almost cause I've only heard literally two of her songs lolol. BUT they have been on replay for 6 hours now so it says something.

I'm so sorry for so much negativity lately. (I'm not sorry I blogged it out though, I'm just sorry that it was part of your experience.) But I feel so much better now! Things have been falling into place, and I've decided that taking things less seriously would be the best thing I can do now. 

But update update! I have been drowned with reasons to be happy and grateful for the past days I literally wake up smiling, grateful I am blessed with this life I have. I must have done something right in my life to be so blesed with all the love and magical people around me ♥♥

Today, I am grateful for every single person I have "met". 
I have a list of people I can never imagine a life never meeting; and then there are those special some who are a million miles away I've never met, but have taught me life changing things. Out of a gazillion people in the world, we were able to meet. I am grateful for the Universe, synchronism, and also the internet wtf. 

K gottago! Promise I'll blog again soon tho!
Love you xxxx