Been awhile
May 8, 2014 Thursday, May 08, 2014 | 0 comments

#throwback Bangkok last June 
I need all the vacations in the world.

Hey loves, sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I've been on the #100happyday challenge so I pretty much let everything out on instagram and always end up having an essay for my caption wtf

But some things never change: my blog will always be my heart
Despite not actually updating, I spent most of the time between the last post till now itching to blog, but haven't because exams and paranoia. (-_-)ゞ 

To summarize the entire period I was gone:
1) I CAN FINALLY DRIVE NOW   \(^o^)/ *.*.* \(^o^)/
This sounds terrible lol. But better late than never heh 
Actually, I have had my drivers license for more than 2 years now, but stopped driving the minute I got my license and pretty much had to relearn everything after ... ... 

2) I GOT A CAR ↖(^▽^)↗
yup yup I can haz car nao hehehex ^^v
But my dad drives it on most days so I'm too sure if it's my car anymore lololol fml

So exciting honestly. I have the worst anxiety srsly. Before this, I literally need a minimum 4 hour notice before driving hahaha BUT NOW I can drive spontaneously woot woot \(^o^)/ 

As in, without ma parents watching over haha. Not that I mind, it's just that I get 10000x more anxious when they're in my car hahaha.
Yesterday I literally had to find my way to Klang, driving in the rain. (I didn't really have to but nothing looked familiar and I have the sense of direction of a clock wtf) My dad is a brave person lolol. Things would have been so much slower if he didn't throw me right out there.

5) I actually got called up and asked to apply for a job????
Which I didn't get la so don't get too excited hahahaha
But it's very flattering nonetheless. And the fact that I'm even applying for a job (???) is just ?????? 
It's my first ever time applying for a job too because I was always so lucky to kind of just land on jobs hah. The experience is quite exciting, writing emails and all. 

All this happened in slightly less than half a month.

It's like suddenly I'm thrown into adulthood, and in all honesty, I'm quite terrified. Excited, but equally terrified.

I often toy with the idea of being a wrinkly old lady having 17 grandchildren, and still be blogging and taking selfies hahaha. But I've never thought about how things would/should play out in between; like I expect things to magically get sorted out and just live a life of a blogging grandmother. 

Sure, when I'm fully conscious I tell myself that all I can do is to stay present and that I should just take things as it is and deal with whatever when they come; but the nerves are still present at a certain level - just typing about it is making my heart hammer. 

(I'm just going to abruptly stop here before I end up writing a book haha.)

On another note, I've been craving for some time to read more about the million articles I've bookmarked, but exams are so damn near I am torn. Priorities, priorities.

Thank you for reading! 
I love you heart