Some days are just not okay
May 14, 2014 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 | 0 comments

Today was not okay. 

My heart was in knots and my mind was a mess.
I was, and still am, physically weak and mentally exhausted. 
Nothing I did felt right; I could cram nothing into my head, and I couldn't sleep without feeling guilty. 
Cooking didn't help, watching TV made me even more anxious; singing felt nothing more than a way to cheat myself into breathing better.  

The stress is kicking in, and I have never been the best when it comes to handling stress. I'm emotionally drained, and sleep has been so disturbed I'm tired to the state where I'm just about to break. It's terrible and borderline self-abusive, and I need to change it. I know I know. 

My subconscious is begging for time to rest.
I need time to reflect; to answer questions my soul is asking.
I know it. I have so many questions to answer myself, but I have been suppressing these thoughts and needs for such a long time, my spirit is at verge of being a rebel. And I can't have that. Not now. Not ever.

I need time to stop. I need stress to stop. I need to set my priorities.

I need my balance.

I'm so sorry for the negativity. I wish my post was very much happier.
But I really needed to get this all out.

I am a human, and I have bad days, and it is okay. 

Because this, too, shall pass. 


If  you made it here, thank you. 
Thank you for letting me be part of you.

I hope your day was better than mine.
No matter how bad my day is, I still love you. ❤️

Sending some love and hugs over! x