Food Review: Chennai Xpress
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Casual selfie with my shop hahahaha wtf

Anyone who's eaten Ban Mee, banana leaf rice, or any other main meals with me would know that chillies and spices are my life wtf. I love everything spicy and basically face a mini identity crisis every time I order nasi lemak bc how do I choose between Rendang and Masak Merah T__T But one thing that is constant is that I always request for extra sambal wtf.

Yesterday, my family and I had dinner at Chennai Xpress, courtesy of MilkADeal, HiShop, and Chennai Xpress

[Note: There was a miscommunication between parties. Apparently I was not allowed to bring family and friends, but I was only notified after I went for the food review. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.] 

The initial plan was to go for lunch. But when I called Chennai Xpress to make reservations (you can walk in for the meal too! But for cash voucher deals, you'd have to make reservations at least one day before), I got to talk to the owner, and he recommended that we should come for dinner instead because that's when they have their North Indian dishes (ala carte menu)!

For lunch, they are more popular for the vegetarian lunch set meals, so if you're a fan, do try it out! :D

The exterior: noon
(Picture from MilkAdeal)


This picture nearly caused me my life wtf.

I tried taking a good picture but it was at night so the lights were glaring so I kept walking backwards and eventually went too far out near the road and kena honk wtf.

Appreciate me ok wtf

I forgot to ask, but I think these pots are used for the buffet spread! 
(The owner said something about a vegetarian buffet lunch but I'm not too sure. 
Will update when it's confirmed!)

My attempt of taking a panorama view of the interior wtf 

The staff were really friendly! Although it was obvious that English is not their mother-tongue, they made great attempt to understand and communicate in English. (And asides of a bit of strong accent, they did well!) They made appropriate recommendations when we told them our preferences, and advised us against ordering more when they felt that we've ordered a little too much. And they were really nice to be so patient with me because I kept asking how to pronounce everything hahahahhahahha

Complimentary Papadams and Inji Puli, which I have every intention to learn how to make.

Fruit Lassi (RM7.50) and Salted Lassi (RM6.00)

Lassi is a blend of yogurt, water, spices and sometimes fruits.
Not to be confused with the chilled yogurt drinks in hypermarkets.

The flavour for Fruit Lassi varies from time to time, but you can always ask the staffs for the fruit of the day! 
My brother's was Mango Lassi, which tasted very much like the Lassi we're more familiar with, except it had a stronger yoghurt taste and much less sweet. 

I usually go for the most unusual thing in the menu, so I picked the Salted Lassi!
It lived up to it's name accurately - you can't miss the salt lololol. The yoghurt and spices were evidently stronger compared to the Mango Lassi, and it was so creamy it was almost cheesy.

The first sip was shocking hahaha, It's not too easy for the taste buds, especially not from a drink. But after a few sips, I find that I actually quite like it, but I would have loved it more if it was a little less salty.
If you are one for adventure, I reckon you give this a shot! 

From the left: Nilgiris Mint Tea, Masala Tea, and Cinnomon Tea
The sugar is given on the side, and to be added to suit your taste. (:

The Cinnomon Tea was the most popular among us, Masala coming second after adding sugar. I wasn't a big fan of the Mint Tea, but my sister seemed to like it!

Mysore Rasam (RM5.90)
Basically a hot thin soup made with spices and lentils.

It was spicy but not over powering, and it had a tinge of sourness. My fam and I agree that it is the perfect appetizer! The 5 of us shared a bowl, and we had just enough. (:
You can always order one to share, and order more after if you like it!

Chicken Tikka Wrap (RM7.90 per 3 serving)

Hands down the favorite dish for all of us among all. 
I liked that it had a good balance of greens and meat in spices, and a wrap to even out the taste. A balanced meal in every bite wtf. BUT IT WAS REALLY GOOD. Say real one.

My only complaint was that the food serving was pretty slow. And after the Chicken Tikka Wrap, the food stop coming. (╯>□<)╯︵ ┻━┻
We waited for about 15 minutes, and finally asked one of the staffs if they had our order right.

Then in like 2 minutes, EVERYTHING CAME. ┯━┯ノ(^₋^"ノ)
So quickly I couldn't even take pictures of the food individually bc no space on the table so ayam sori T__T

White bowls right to left:
Lamb Parattal (RM18), Aloo Ghobi (RM7.90), Chennai Xpress chicken (RM15.90) 
Baskets clockwise from the palest one wtf:
Cheese Naan (RM5.90),Garlic Naan (RM4.90), Butter Naan (RM4.90)

BUT I think that having all the dishes coming together was a good thing. The Naans are lovely by themselves, but the curries would be a bit difficult to eat alone.
The Cheese Naan was not Italian-ish cheesy, but there was a creamy smell to the Naan.
Garlic Naan was my favourite among all! The garlic taste was there, but not too overpowering, so it goes well with the curries.
My mom's favourite was the Butter Naan. She had it when it was hot. Naans and butter usually taste better hot than when it's not as hot. I had it much later so :(

The Lamb Parattal is a bit too salty to eat alone, but it goes perfectly well with the Naan. The mutton was really well cooked, and it wasn't tangy like it would be if it was overcooked.
The Chennai Xpress was obviously one of the signature dishes, and as all signature dishes are, it was wonderful! It wasn't spicy at all, but it had everything a curry needs I am in love ♡

Chicken Kebab (RM15.90 per 3 servings)
ft. Chennai Xpress Chicken

The kebabs weren't what we were expecting at all haha. Cause, you know how the kebabs outside are usually in wraps, these were just.. so new? I've never seen a kebab like this.
But it was actually delicious! The entire roll is made of chicken and spices. My only advice is to eat it hot, but please don't burn yourself on the hot plate hahaha. I speak from experience wtf

Plain Briyani (RM8.90) 
ft Chicken Kebab and Chennai Xpress Chicken bc the table really no space wtf

Take my word on this: I've had many Nasi Briyanis all my life in many different mamaks, but none of them can match this. (But maybe the mamaks I go no good la wtf) The rice was infused with spices I kid you not. Every grain of them were as orangey as the other. My dad, who has an extra 30 years of Nasi Briyani experience, says that it is the best he's ever eaten. 
Oh and The Lamb Parattal tastes 5 times better with the rice! 

But, may I suggest, if you plan to order the rice, you can probably bring another friend or not take one of the Naans because there was really too much food.
We may or may not have over-ordered hahahhahahhahahaha. 

We were all so stuffed at the end of the meal! Even I couldn't fit in any dessert, and that's really unusual. I was so looking forward to it. :(
And all that food for only a total of RM145.90!

BUT if you buy this deal from MilkADeal now, it will all only cost you RM80! 

AND because you're precious and so lovely to read up till here, there will be an extra 5% discount for you! Just use the voucher code CHENNAI! (valid until 15 July 2014)

RM76 for 5 bursting adults? Dont mind if I do lolol.

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And do tell me if you have a go at Chennai Xpress yourself! I would love to hear your experience. :D

Chennai X'press 
22A-1, Jalan PJU 8/5G, 
Damansara Perdana, 
Petaling Jaya,
47820 Malaysia


Thank you for reading! 
Love you loads xxx