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I actually dont look like this at all lolol

Exams are finally over now I dont know what to do with my life wtf

Updating my life on instagram mostly, because #100happydays. It's actually really fun and I actually feel myself being more grateful and thankful to even the tiniest things I have already made the choice to live like this forever. 

So no updates on life because you can read it here. But even if you don't want to I can't say you're missing out too much. (other than about 80 pieces of blog-post-worthy captions because I'm a babble freak).

I digress.

Had a lovely day out with my sis and finally watched Maleficent! 
And it was magnificent wtf. Angelina Jolie is perfect for the role and the storyline coincides accurately with Sleeping Beauty, everything was so wonderful I am in love ❤ 

I have always loved fairy tales with a twist, maybe partly because I never believed that people can be all bad (or all good, imo).
The movie satisfies me so much because, slightly before finding out about Maleficent, I was telling my sister how great it would be if we could have a Cinderella story from the stepmother's point of view. I like toying with the idea that Cinderella is actually a fraud and lied about her step-family and that her stepmother was really just protecting her children from Cinderella because idk the prince didn't actually hear things out from the stepmother now did he? 

Maybe I just like believing that bad people are just people who made mistakes and probably was too deep in to realize it hahaha

I should just put "majoring in ranting and digression" in my resume wtf. 

Totally unclear of the agenda in this blog post and pretty much just going with it and it's so obvious that my thoughts are everywhere hah

But it helps me forgive and forget when I remind myself that the person who wronged me loves at least one person, even if that person is not me and might most probably be themselves. At least they possess love, and that is enough. 

Thank you for spending part of your life reading this.
I hope your day is magical ♡

Love you xxx