[Review] Bloop Anti-bacterial Hand Gel
Jul 16, 2014 Wednesday, July 16, 2014 | 0 comments

If I had to summarize myself in 2 words, it would probably be "occasional OCD" wtf. 

I have days where I pretty much go through an entire day without even changing out of my pajamas, and I have days where I bathe 5 times a day. So similarly, there are days I would wash my hands before I eat, and there are days where I kinda um wing my hand-with-pen-ink style wtf #truestory

And despite being lazy and wanting to be clean at the same time, I've never liked hand sanitizers. Reason being they are usually sticky and smell funny.

But when bloop came up with a new series of Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels called bloop GERM BLASTER it was too cute to resist! (Thank you HiShop! )
if they come in soft toys I WILL NEED EVERYTHING zomggggg 

Bloop GERM BLASTER claims to blast 99.9% of Germs! (However, it shall NOT be used as a substitute for soap and water! They kill germs, not dirt!)

They come in 5 different scents too! 

I got The Loving Germ Blaster hehehe
The bottles are palm sized so its super easy carry! 

The liquid is clear baby pink with tiny blue balls in them

The little blue balls dont really dissolve, but they kinda disappear after awhile idk where they went HAHA

What I love most is that it is not sticky at all! It feels like you kinda wiped water on your hands and all that's left is the scent, which is actually very lovely. It's really fruity and light and exactly what I want my body shampoo to smell like so I smell fabulous all day T_T 

If you're not sold yet, it even comes with.....

I dont know if its just me but things are impossible to find in my bag fml. It's like a zoo every time I try to get something wtf. So I personally love these hangers a lot because they make things really easy to find! Because so cute cannot miss wtf. 

Actual true story and thats why I have a huge Winnie The Pooh phone cover and soft toy keychains for everything wtf. 

Get the Germ Blaster Hanger for free when you buy 5 units of the hand sanitizers at RM24.50! 
(Each unit RM4.90)

You can get an exclusive 15% rebate from your purchase if you use the coupon code

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