Sponsored Review: BeautyFoot
Aug 14, 2014 Thursday, August 14, 2014 | 0 comments

It has been wayyy too long since I last blogged. Quite shy to come back tbh wtf

Thing have been really busy. I recently moved to a new place, so there was a lot of cleaning and packing and unpacking and getting used to and what not. 

Especially cleaning.

We've spent weeks scrubbing and mopping and brushing, my feet were soaked in detergents and rough soaps constantly. And we all know how drying and damaging that is to the skin. 

See, I've always been embarrassed about my feet because 
cracked feet fml
And this is already a flattering picture wtf

It has been like that all my life, and I've tried almost everything from lotions to wearing socks to sleep to face masks wtf. But nothing worked. 

But vanity was just a tiny issue compared to how much it hurts. 
At the end of the "spring cleaning", my soles hurt when I stand, especially the cracked areas. They'd sometimes even bleed bc they got so dry the started peeling out the raw parts T___T 

When I stumbled upon BeautyFoot, I was so excited!

All thanks to HiShop 

BeautyFoot is a recent popular foot care product from Japan. It prevents and treats callus on the ideology of natural skin peeling. The ingredients in BeautyFoot are said to be organically derived from nature. It speeds up the peeling process and allow the peeling to be concentrated on applied area. 

3 step guide because it's so easy to use. 

You literally just open up the package, slip your feet in, and chill for an hour and a half to two hours.

me chillin' LOLOL

I actually fastened the "socks" with a bit more celephone tape because it was a little loose on me still. 
And I suggest you get a book or something to keep you occupied on your butt for a while. Walking is a bit difficult.

During the 1.5-2 hours, the formulated ingredients are absorbed into the feeet and later break down the layers of dead skin. The peeling process speeds up when there's exposure to water.

After you're done, wash your feel with water, and wait for 5-14 days to see the effect. 

There was a bit of fault on my side, as I forgot to actually read the instructions before planning for the review. I did it a bit too late. It's my forth day today, and it is obvious that the skin is actually drier and feels tighter. But I am pretty sure those are the dead cells readying themselves to peel off. But there's no sign of peels yet. I'll update a more detailed "after" soon. :)