Wacoal boutique is available at Empire!
Aug 30, 2014 Saturday, August 30, 2014 | 1 comments

by Camy

Last Saturday, Wacoal launched their second boutique in Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang. 
It's located on the UG floor, right beside Sasa. 

Wacoal was established 65 years ago in Japan. Having experienced a bitter war, Mr Tsukamoto was driven to dedicate the life he had been given to start a business that would benefit society. From solely marketing the first bra pads in Japan in 1949, when Western style intimate apparels were not generally available to women, the steadfast Mr Tsukamoto turned Wacoal into a renowned global intimate apparel company by the year 2000 with a clear-cut 50-year plan. 
His motto, “To help women everywhere become more beautiful”, is set as the mission of Wacoal Corporation and all its associated companies in the world. - (Source)


All thanks to Camy and Wacoal, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Opening Launch event as a media blogger. 

Camy and I were there about an hour earlier so we had the privilege to window shop in Wacoal before the crowd. The staffs were really friendly, and they really know their thing! (But I don't so no fancy introdcuction lolol)

No picture, but my favorite would have to be the Parfage collection. The material is precious. 
However, according to the staff, the Parfage collection is available exclusively for this order only. So once it's sold out, it might just get difficult to get it anymore. 

food spread

blogger in action hehehe

My favourite thing about being early is that I actually get to take pictures without people staring/pushing about hahaha 

Wacoal prepared such delicate sweet things for us! Everything was bite-sized, which is so very considerate of them because God knows how unflattering it is to see a bunch of ladies wolfing down food while staring at lingeries LOLOL.

Polaroid pictures taken of us! 

There was a photograph booth prepared by Wacoal where we got Polaroids shots.
The photographer was so nice. So grateful for all the nice people around 

Soloroid wtf

They also had a mini lucky-draw thing going on with this adorable.. thing idk what it's called hahaha. 
Every name registered gets a chance at this. I was tempted to spend the entire day beside this thing HAHA 


Wacoal also invited Miss Malaysia World Top20 Finalists and Miss Malaysia World 2013, Melinder Bhullar, as guests of the event. 

There was a fun Q&A session, where prizes were given, and I sorta accidentally won one haha. Pretty much involves me being a very awkward person, but that's a story for another day lol.

Miss Melinder Bhullar being fabulous wtf

I'll admit that I have the least idea of what Miss Malaysia Worlds are about, but Melinder Bhullar was gorgeous to the extends of cray I swear. And she was so kind and lovely to everyone. 
I'm not just saying this because I so happen was on her instagram post lolol. 

Die die must brag cannot isit wtf

Repeating pictures, but we took a selfie so your argument is invalid wtf

Also got a picture with my personal favorite among the Finalists of Miss Malaysia World 2014, Tracey Isabella Lovett. Everyone is so gorgeous, and they're all tallll. She bent her knees for this picture wtf what is confidence fml T___T

No la I'm grateful for whatever I have hahahaha

by Camy

Ending this post with another picture of me looking 400% shorter than the first bc angles is everything haha

Again, thank you Wacoal for having me! And also Camy, for taking nice pictures of me and making the event a million times more enjoyable than it is. (;

Thank you for reading! 
Love you xxx