Like Porcelain
Sep 30, 2014 Tuesday, September 30, 2014 | 0 comments

My thoughts are always everywhere.
Of late, everything has been like a dream - one so wonderful I pray I will never have to wake up from.

But as much as I want to drown in all the unexpected happiness and love I am showered with and feeling intensely, there's a small part of me that is beyond terrified.

For the first time, I am feeling so much more than what I am familiar with, and everything is different in the most overwhelming ways.

In the past year, I dedicated myself to be open. I promised to be as real as I know myself to be, to be brave enough to be genuinely nice and kind, with knowledge that it is exactly doing this I will be exposed and vulnerable.

And may I say that I am truly unfazed by the idea of being in a position where almost everyone and every other thing can make or break you it is frankly quite nerve-wrecking.

But it is a gamble I am willing to take.

It took the most of me to decide on taking a leap of faith - to choose to believe that I can make my world friendly, that there will always be more good than not, that if I try really really hard to raise my vibration I may just be able to keep the air around me abundant of love and light.

And it worked.

I am literally the happiest I have ever been, and I can only see myself being happier regardless. I love and am loved in ways I never knew possible. I feel everything so intensely my heart threatens to break and melt away every day. I spend most of my waking moments feeling like I live in a beautiful dream it is unreal and I cannot be more thankful.

All it took was one split second.
In that split second, I realized that the only ever thing we truly possess, is now; and suddenly nothing else really matters anymore.

I made my choice to live passionately and love with all my heart, whether or not it is 'worth-it'. Because it always is.

Is it still frightening? Yes, it is. And it will always be.
But I understand that change is always happening and nothing is truly static.

All I can do is to take it as it is - one moment at a time, one now at a time - and deal with another moment another day.

Because all we have now, is now; and that's all that matters - the fragments of time that make up momentary infinities and forevers.

Thank you for letting my words be a tiny part of your experience. 
Love you xxx