Nov 9, 2014 Sunday, November 09, 2014 | 0 comments

或许最害怕的是 就是迷失自己

Can you save me now?
When the ground drops out I get lost in the clouds


Things have been truly busy. 

They say the progress of your life online and reality are usually on obverse sides.
And where I am now, I have to agree.
I've been so caught up with real life I had so little time to truly write anymore.

I have heaps of unorganized thought fragments I need to sort and it is really a mess.
If it was up to me I would be typing my nights away,
but that would be rather irresponsible.

Another being I probably should really get a laptop hahahaha

But yes.
Been really busy lately I cant produce anything of quality, so I opt not to.

Promise to blog proper blog posts immediately after exams 
However, if you'd settle for really miscellaneous rants, my dayre is always there hahaha 

Love yall always ♥