I am a Good Boy
Jan 4, 2015 Sunday, January 04, 2015 | 0 comments

Wanted to blog about something smart, but ... I'm so hungry fml.

I am left stranded with my parents out with my car, with no food at home. And I did the same regrettable thing I do every time I am famished - I google foodporn wtf. 

Just kill me already T___________T

And I realize there are so much good food in Puchong????? Why is it when I move away I realize there's so much good food there I wanna move back T____T 

Lol jk I'm not that big of a glutton la. I still love my house now better lol wtf  #appreciate wtf 

It's either because I can't be bothered to actually go food hunting or that really no where near my area has good food other than like a good mamak. I think it's more the first wtf. But seriously so far nothing I've eaten is better than the one in Puchong lor! Other than the 五香fried stuff. They dont have Sarpino's here also craiiiiiiii T____________T
Klang people recommend me some food places please T__T

At this point you probably realized that this is really just a #cheatone rubbish post wtf. 
So might as well make it more rojak than it is by side tracking a little bit more

Actually addictive waaa. 

K done. Sign off nao. Byebye.

Thank you for reading my rubbish rant hehe
Love yall xxx