The person you really need to marry
Feb 25, 2015 Wednesday, February 25, 2015 | 0 comments

I am grateful for timely advices.

I usually try to see things from another's perspective. I try to understand why they say what they said or do what they've done, and I usually manage to understand the reasons for their intentions. Not always do I agree with them, but I can see where they're coming from, and I accept that they have different beliefs from mine. It makes it easier to forgive and forget, and it makes them easier to love. 

But it doesn't make me less human than anyone else. 
There are days when I fail to keep my emotions in tack and times where I reach my breaking point, I get blinded by anger and self-pity I make impulsive decisions or speak unkindly. More often than not, once the emotions subside, I spend a good chunk of my time reflecting and regretting the things I've done/said wtf.

As much as it sounds "right" to be compromising and understanding, it takes a toll after awhile.
You start to question what is truly right and wrong. You try very very much harder to comprehend their logic, but sometimes you don't get it. You wonder if you have been unreasonable to not see eye to eye with another's way of looking.
Sometimes, you manage breakthroughs and see where they're coming from. Some of those sometimes, you realize your core values are not the same as theirs. But even if you don't agree to it, you start to doubt your beliefs. At the same time, you see how difficult it is to make sense of someone else's reality, so you grow into being ok with people not being able do it too, and you stop explaining yourself. 

Then, you lose your balance.


After a while I start to think whether it is worth it compromising a good degree of one's values for the convenience of others. Sure, it does feel good to be able to give more love, and it's easier to be kind, but is this worth it? Is it truly wise to give up so much of yourself, knowing that subconsciously you break a little from the hurt as you try to brush it off, justifying with yourself that letting go is the right thing to do?

My reality is not the same as yours, and nor is yours mine. What make sense to me you may call bollocks, and your beliefs may not align with my core values. My reasons may be to you an excuse, and you have principles I may not agree to.

We have our own frame of mind. We are all different. I don't expect anyone to agree with where I come from, nor will I ever be able to always fully sympathize with everything I hear, but I'm not asking for anything like that.

All I ask for is that, while I am capable of and committed to making things easier for everyone's life, I wish for you to keep your intentions kind, and know that I have my times where I will need time to regain my balance and restore my self.

If you find it selfish for asking time and understanding for my well being, I am sorry.
But this is essential, and I am unwilling to give even this up.

After all, the only person who is with me forever, is myself.


This post is really a general post, to no one in particular, swear.

Thank you for reading! (Haven't proof-read yet, sorry!)
I wish you everything well 
Love you xxxx  *sends pixie dusts for good luck*