More than words
Mar 19, 2015 Thursday, March 19, 2015 | 0 comments

I love words.

I love how they can be woven into beautiful bonds that tell stories. I love how they are capable of standing alone and mean just as much. I love how the same sentence can be read differently when met with a different individual, and every reasonable interpretation will still be right.

But more than words, I love the souls in words.
Nothing written without emotions and genuinity can be truly captivating.
Then again, nothing without emotions and genuinity can be truly captivating.

Writing with genuinity requires a great degree of honesty and rawness. It is real, authentic, unique, and rare.  It is so so so precious I fall in love every time.

I love words that allow emotions to come through.
Being truthful and allowing a piece of yourself only you would know to be written in paper shows so much vulnerability, and a respectable amount of courage to offer the trust in people to be kind. I appreciate nothing more than people who are so honest about themselves, and at the same time has so much faith in others it pulls my heartstrings.

I could never have dreamt that I would meet/find so many beautiful, raw gems in my life, much less having one so close to me he has my heart.
I am beyond blessed, and I am ever so grateful.

Thank you for letting my writing be part of your experience.
I wish you all the good you deserve. :)

Love you xxx