My heart deserves to live in clouds ☁
Mar 10, 2015 Tuesday, March 10, 2015 | 0 comments

They say when we look forward to weekends or holidays we're wishing our lives away; and we only do that when we're not in love with the now. Being present is so important, I keep forgetting that. 

So today I gave myself a day off my daily everything. No studying, no thinking, no rushing.

I did whatever I felt like doing and stuff that made me happy. Everything was spontaneous and impulsive, it was so freeing my heart was in clouds the whole time.

A big chunk of my day was spent playing with make up, trying out colors on my palate I will never wear out, putting on multiple coats of mascara, emphasizing my eyes so much at first glance my face was just 45% eyes.

I finally put on the JC inspired Litas I love so much but never had a proper occasion to put on nor had to courage to so because it was pretty far out my usual casual style. They've carried my feet and touched ground for the first time today, and the whole time I was overwhelmed thinking how much I love love love high shoes.

More than anything, I was allowed time to be my spirit.
Everyone is a little trippy when you're your spirit. My entire being was floating with nothing in thoughts. All I had was my heart wrapped in silver clouds, love, and time. It is the most wonderful feeling, and I want to be reminded of it forever. So I took pictures.

I believe that, in pictures, emotions come through. I fall in love with the kind of pictures that resembles a free spirit. They come with an air mixed of a beautiful balance of calmness and enthusiasm; they are dazed and relaxed, but when they love, they love so violently you fall in love with their love.
And all I wish for is that one day I will be that kind of spirit. 

The one true relationship that tests faithfulness the most is the one with oneself. 
To be faithful is choosing to love despite all, and to be loving is to accept wholly and completely.
I must remember.

I was my true self today, and my entire being feels light.

It was a magical day ♥

Thank you for letting me be part of your experience!
I hope for you all the love you deserve.
Love you ♥