Big emotions
May 2, 2015 Saturday, May 02, 2015 | 0 comments

"I have learned in my own depression 
how big an emotion can be, 
how it can be more real than facts, 
and I have found that that experience has allowed me
to experience positive emotions in a more
 intense and more focused way."

Except mine was the polar opposite. 

He explains exactly what I was trying to word for a long time.
That, I was surprised by how consuming an emotion can be, how it can be so.. compelling.

There's so many more things to love about:

I love that, even in the darkest of his times, he found humor, and had humor.
I love that, no matter how difficult, he was brave to share his secret.
I love that, even when things were pretty hellish, there are still things to be grateful about.

I am blessed that the unfortunate emotions I get are balanced out, if not overshadowed, by the ones so elating they leave me on clouds. (And, no, I'm not depressed. *touchwood*) 

Who am I to even whine?

Depression is not a topic I feel comfortable throwing around because I don't think I can ever read enough about it to truly understand. But everything I've seen and read and heard about tears my heart a little bit. Every time I laugh, I wish I could keep them in tiny bottles and give it out to people so that they can have a bit of my happiness.

But whether or not it works, I still mumble tiny I love yous for everyone who needs them.

Thank you for reading!
I'm sorry if I scare you some times hahahaha
Please be happy,

Love you xxx