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Had the weirdest dream.

I cant really remember the front bits but generally I was to 'visit' an old lady who was supposed to be related to me (tho ive never seen her irl) coz it was her.... death anniversary wtf.

And in my dreams the world was a changed thing wtf. Like there would be a portal linked to a room and the spirits will all be there. They are drinking and ballroom partying, and the dead cant see us unless the place is filled up with water. Pretty much like Titanic wtf.

So for what i paid (???) i was entitled 20minutes to see this lady. Until now I have no idea who she's supposed to be, but u felt strangely attached to her.

While i was waiting for my turn (after fighting some house that was trying to make me furniture wtf) I was sad and excited and there was longing. When I got in there and hugged her, i cried - so hard my heart felt like it was about to explode.

We talked a little and caught up a little and the entire time I couldn't let her go.

The funny thing about dreams is that whatever you feel, you feel in real life too.

I woke up being unable to breathe. My eyes were wet and my heart felt as if it was shattered into tiny pieces connected by mere tendons.

And now 10minutes out of the dream, and I already cant remember the lady I cried god knows how long for. But I'll remember this feeling.

My heart is piecing itself back and I'm so very confused.

What are you telling me?

Thank you for reading! :)
Been a long time since I remembered a dream so vividly (comparatively wtf). I usually wake up and remember how i felt but never the story. so I thought it was a bit of a special one. 

And thank you for sticking around.
Life is a little busy lately.
But i promise to be better at my job right in June heh. 

I hope you're well today ♥
Love you xxx