Age of Adeline // TFIOS
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"It's not the same when there's no future."

I have been meaning to watch this movie since I saw the posters of it back in January.Two obvious reasons - one, I am a sucker for anything that involves travelling through time; two, Blake Lively. duh. 

The storyline truly did not disappoint. There is a beautiful mix of bittersweet, between being given multiple chances to fall in love and not being able to keep that love. It sounds worse out of context - having to give up on love because you can't have a future together. 

Adaline has a daughter, Flemming, who ages perfectly well, and I loved every moment they shared. Because of Adaline's need to constantly relocate herself, she couldn't be there for a big part of her daughter's life. It is heart breaking, how they can't be in each other's lives, and watching Adaline having to go through deaths of so many she loved, and occupied with the thought of losing her daughter forever.

Blake Lively is perfect, period; but even more as Adaline because she was knowledgeable and had an air of ageless sophistication. But really, Blake Lively has the beauty that does magic.

"Some infinities are bigger than others."

Also finally watched TFIOS, and cried my eyes out.

The characters are extraordinary and the plot is highly engaging, but I think a major part of my love for TFIOS is because it is a lot like real life - there's no one big thing that makes everything special, but more of having a lot of little sweet highlights that keep you going, looking forward to every new day.

In the house of Peter Van Houten, Hazel suggested that a character does not cease to live after the book ends. And I agree a hundred percent. If anything, I think a book immortalizes a part of their lives that was put out there are shared by a ton of people. Kind of like a memory being relived by many people. And no matter what happens to Hazel Grace after, she and Augustus Waters will always be part of me.

It has been only 10 days since the end of my exams but it feels like months has passed. I'm not really used to this freedom. Don't get it wrong though - I love having the option of doing nothing. I love that I can wake up at 11 in the morning not in a state of panic and guilt from having 5 hours of sleep. I love having the time to go a little out of the way to meet up with people. I love that I have time to carry a proper conversation with people instead of replying once every day or two. I love that sleeping late is an option and not a chore. I love that  can to do things like reading for hours, or spending a little time on playing with make up. I love that I have time for the people I love.

The past 10 days have been generally very very very kind. but there are recent events that do not sit easily in my heart. Although every new thing I've learnt from going through multiple heart-breaks and tendon tearing for the past few days were not events of my personal life, I have the tendency to over-feel things (if it's not obvious already wtf).

The emotions were less intense, yes; but it doesn't make the anything less real. Every time this happens, after I spend a bit of time entertaining my period of second-hand grief (of which, I am not deluded to think was mine), I mentally send an abundance of loving thoughts to whoever, and give a silent thanks that my life is in peace.

Call it an epiphany or a side effect of too much thought (and I probably sound like a broken record) but I am grateful, more than ever, for everything I am so privileged to have - from being reasonably healthy to having uncomplicated love, everything in between.

In the humblest way possible, I am grateful for being extremely lucky, to be so very fortunate, to have the kind of love that, even though may not be the best for all, but is the best for me.

My life may not be perfect, but it's pretty damn good if you ask me

Thank you for reading my lengthy rant!
(It felt longer than it is I swear)
I have no idea where I'm going with this really. 
Take it as my attempt at open writing, maybe?

I hope you find happy things in unlikely corners today. :)
Love you xxx