Careless . Care less
Jun 8, 2015 Monday, June 08, 2015 | 0 comments

Blogging from the phone because the lappy died on me.


It is probably the worst when you want to blog but circumstances wont allow. Like now. I have at least two things I had urges to blog about today, but didnt manage to because of the sudden coma my laptop fell in.

So here I am, on my cracked screen phone drafting a blog post on a rather inconvenient mobile site interface, because if I don't I might just implode.


I keep telling myself that no one owes anyone anything in this world. If someone is nice to you, it's a blessing; if someone is not, you have no rights to demand them to (it is, however, totally your call if you want to leave and never turn back).

But the world is not all black and white. The two are the tiny bits of the spectrum while most things fall in-between. There are people who will do things that they deem good for you without realizing they make you want to jump off a cliff. There are people who "jokes" about things you consider taboo, not knowing they'll pull a trigger in you that throws you off your balance and question your worth.

I blame myself for being a sensitive little twat, having a tendency to amplify little things and feel so much I have to remind myself to breathe. On good days, I'm grateful I get to take in folds of happiness in waves; on not so good days, my heart feels like it's torn into shreds of raw meat, ripped between being saddened by petty issues that matters to me and rationally know it's really not that big of a deal. At least to most people.

The worst comes from the ones you love, because they are the ones that matter. The sting is excruciating. Sometimes it hurts so bad I contemplate to remove everyone and never let anyone be important enough for me to care.

But I think of better times, and always decide against it. Because deep inside I know they didn't mean harm, they were just very careless with my feelings.

Thank you for having me in your life.
Im trying my best to keep everyone satisfied.
I'm not doing a tremendous job at it,
But I hope at least one of my posts has made you love days more.
And thank you for always reading!
Blogging helps me breathe.

I wish you well.
Love you xx