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I think a lot of people mistake mysterious as interesting.

Mysterious is intriguing, yes. You're drawn to mysterious people like a curious child because of how little of themselves they show, testing your chance to understand their world. But more often than not, the attraction is plenty short-lived.

See, the thing about a mystery is that you don't really know if there is true depth - and usually, there isn't. There will come a day where everything there is to unveil is learnt, and it will be then when the suspense is lost.

Interesting, on the other hand, is more open. People I know who I find genuinely interesting are usually plain-spoken, but there's always something to learn from them. They have a lot to offer in a conversation, contributing thought-provoking insights and having the unlikeliest knowledge of things. Their train of thoughts are rarely common, and they are honest about their peculiar self.

The beauty in interesting people is that no matter how much they expose of themselves, there is more to be fascinated about. They are interesting because they are who they are, and not a cloud of uncertainties.

Oh but mysterious can be interesting, no doubt, just as it is possible for interesting people to be mysterious, it's just, more often than not, it is but masked vagueness.

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