San Nae Deul Lunch // ft. why I'm not a food blogger (yet) wtf
Jun 14, 2015 Sunday, June 14, 2015 | 2 comments

I don't know how you feel about pretentious selfies, but I like them
and it's either you've seen my face or probably never seeing it ever so why bother wtf.

For father's day this year, we've decided that we'd go for a Korean Buffet instead of the usual Japanese cause 1. I thought it'd be pretty nice to let them try a bit of a variety of Korean food, seeing that they most likely will never actively try it, and 2. I wanted Korean food la wtf

So we did what we do best, and google it up wtf. And google brought us to BBQ-K and San Nae Deul.
Long story short, we went for San Nae Dul @ Setiawalk because it was uhh nearer wtf. But even that also takes about 40 minutes drive? Quite sueh la, after I've moved to 324769km away only I realize Puchong has a lot of good food fml

cause long journey so must selfie wtf

let me warn you first that there is really a lot of selfies wtf



I swear to god wtf. 

And this is not the first time?? 

this is from the other day

he's not even trying


Not to blow my own horn but my brother is pretty good looking HAHAHA. And he's a prettay good dancer and a sassy little charmer wtf. But he just want to... laidet wtf (and never style hair fhl)

... it was a really long ride la ok bear with me lolol

took so many selfies my sis also fed up LOLOL 

Can you imagine how many we took if I acually had so many to post HAHAHHAHA

(image from google wtf)

San Nae Dul was not bad. Probably not a place to go if you're expecting highcrass Korean food la, but overall the place was clean, food was probably 7.5/10, meat was fresh and they had constant supply of Kimchi.

I probably will go back for the sake of the variety. Cause it is really really cheap (25bucks a pax  plus RM10 for BBQ). And they do have an endless supply of kimchi and korean pancakes and bbq meat so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No pictures cause I didn't take HAHAHA. Cause not presentable la wtf. Since when is buffet food ever presentable wtf. #excuses wtf

But k la honestly mainly cause

my phone is laidet nao HAHA FML
And we all know that the only camera I use if my phone camera lol. 

Ok this happened some time back and I have every intention to change my phone but... lazy leh wtf. 
I don't know where to start my research on phones la wtf. All I know is I want a phone that has good camera, healthy battery life, smooth interface, light-weighted, and if possible not Apple or Samsung, but preferably one that is easy to find phone cover wtf. 

Advise please thanks wtf. 

Thank you for reading! 
I went from being horrible at beginning a post to being bad at ending posts as well wtf
Promise to take more uh relevant pictures once I get a new phone hehe
But for now, B612 is here to save my life wtf. 

Thank you for seeing so much of my face wtf 
Have not proof read cause it's 4.45am and my eyes are barely open heh
So thank you for forgiving my whatever mistakes :*

I hope you find good parking near entrances today hehe  
Love you xxx