Little work things
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I ought to keep my promise of updating my blog lol wtf


Sorry I've been away again! Been occupying myself with a couple of part time jobs hahaha.
Idk maybe it's pre-real-life anxiety. I'm so terrified by how in a couple of months, most things will be written and it is highly unlikely that I'd have any other job exposures. (I hyperventilate over not-knowings more than I should but I can't help it wtf)

Work has been kind. So so so kind.

One of my favourite things about taking up part time jobs is being able to see things from a very different position, and meeting the unlikeliest, nicest, most interesting people that grounds me enough but gets me excited about new things simultaneously.

Like there was once I met a girl who worked so she could travel. She told me stories about her adventures going island hopping, how she's getting a diving licence with her boyfriend, and their plans to go exploring other oceans. But I think it wasn't so much of what she said, but how she said it - full of enthusiasm and energy and life. Listening to people speaking with passion is a real joy I find it extremely precious. ❤

Another time I met this girl who works every weekend since she was 17 so she could pay for her school/university fees. She said it so naturally, like it was nothing and only her duty to do so, I felt so small instantaneously. When she asked me for my reason for taking up part times, I almost couldn't tell her that I was only working because I saje nak wtf.

But see, things like that keep me on my toes, because I see how much I don't know, how much I'm not seeing, how much I am not experiencing. And it's quite a magical thing to realize for everyone you meet, there's something unique to take away. c;

Work was mentally and physically exhausting, but there were a lot of good times too.

I love how everyone I met has been beyond wonderful. (:

We grew reasonably close within hours, talking about everything, sharing little parts of ourselves even closer peeps might not know about, laughing about nonsense whatnot. Granted, our friendship might not grow deeper or last a long time, but I suffice myself with the comfortable closeness we have when we are together. :B

All this only from one job experience.
Isee taking up tiny jobs as being paid to gain exposure. And I always am lucky enough to have the best companions and have the best of times (despite the huge stress load cause sales target fol). What is there not to love?  (; #blessed

Been working.
Work's kind.
I am thankful for all good luck, for always landing on precious learning opportunities, meeting the loveliest people, and being super lucky in work. :*

Thank you for reading my long overdued posttt  c:
I know i keep saying this, but I'm sorry I'm a little scattered.
A little distracted by the background music cause I've found this new gem,
namely Melanie Martinez hehehe.

Sending glitter luck in form of sunshine  (ノ^▽^)ノ☀**☀**☀
Love you ♡