Crop Top Must haves!
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Crop tops have been getting a huge attention among the ladies (and men c;) these past years. It gives that casual yet effortlessly sexy appeal, making them the perfect alternative for tank tops or tees. Switch those basic tops once in a while and be a little daring in your own way. There are a few crop top women designs which every girl should own, simply because it is always relevant! Whether you are going out on a date, having a casual day out with your girls, or running errands, a crop top will always make you appear trendy. 

  1. Lace Crop 
For the ladies who aim to show off a sense of feminine charm, the lace crop top designs will be the perfect choice. It gives you that trendy yet soft ladylike appeal to show off in front of others. Flaunt that girlish look and match it with a nice pair of flare pants or skirts for the complete touch. 
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  1. Sleeved Crop Top 
If you want to minimize your skin exposure, a sleeved crop top can be the solution. It helps cover most skin exposure for your upper body while exposing your abs leaving some for imagination. You can match it with denim shorts or jeans for a casual day out with confidence. Perk up the crop top with a statement necklace or bangles to reveal an edgy appearance.  


  1. Halter neck Crop Top 
Women who want a sexy appearance will definitely fall in love with the halter neck crop top pieces. Look sophisticated wearing the crop top and matches it with a slit midi skirt for the complete touch. Style this outfit to dinner parties or on a special date and look gorgeous the entire time. This crop top design can definitely bring out your inner diva and confidence.  


Halter-neck crop tops are my personal favorite 

I love them so much it honestly takes so much of me to not rotate them all the time lololol

But of course, any crop top takes a bit of my heart away hehe :p

 Like long sleeved crop tops

and short sleeved ones hehehe

Check out Zalora for their crop top selections! I'm sure you'll find something to your liking (;

Thank you for reading! 
Love you long time  ❤ xxxx