Delay Gratification
Dec 11, 2015 Friday, December 11, 2015 | 0 comments

One of my favorite things about meeting new people and being exposed to new things is that I learn to see things from different perspectives, looking at things in a new light.

All my life, I was blessed to have things really easy (partially also because I never wanted much more than laughing a lot heh). I go with my guts a lot, and I honestly have been so lucky for getting spurred into the most magical things because of exactly that.

I hear about delay gratification a lot, but I never gave it much thought. I remember thinking the idea of it was "unsafe" and left it just there. It wasn't until this person I look up to told me he was going to forgo a great opportunity and do more hands-on work to gain experience. 

At that point of time, I of course thought he was absolutely absurd, because why wouldn't you turn down a promotion and salary increment? I would without a doubt take that offer and sail right on lololol.

But as we talked, I realized how short-sighted and immature my thought process was.

There was a research called the Stanford marshmallow experiment, where they put kids to test. Each kid was left aloe with one marshmallow, of which they were told if they would wait for 15 minutes before eating it, they would be given another marshmallow. The researchers kept track of those kids years down the road and realized that the kids who ate it the minute they were alone majorly achieved much less than those who waited long enough for the second marshmallow. 

That, my friend, is the power of delay gratification; the tiny "eyes on the prize" mentality that might just make the biggest difference between two persons with same capabilities. 

And this is exactly my downfall lolol. 

I was once told by a senior-friend of mine that my life will might just be difficult because it is easy. I didn't understand, but I knew his intentions were kind, so I laughed it off and never thought about it. But now I do.

The thing about being blissfully ignorant and insanely lucky all the time, I was never challenged or pushed to my limits (other than the limits of how much/little sleep I can live on lolol. My record holds at sleeping 17 hours straight, and taking a 2 hour nap an hour after i wake up HAHAHA). Even when I was forced out of my comfort zone, I had the flexibility of taking baby steps. 

Well then if life was a playground, working life is that chunk where you get pulled out of the play zone and made to build a new one for someone else wtf. Wear and tear, boys, someone has to build it wtf. 

I am grateful to have the nicest-est-est seniors. Still bloody terrified of them, yes, but it's all on my end cause I have an irrational fear of burdening them with my questions and feeling dumb lolol. But baby steps is not an option. Which is great, in my opinion. (when I have enough sleep wtf. 4 hour sleeps me just constantly want to cry and throw everything on the floor lolol) A month of working was majorly a blur because I have the least idea whats going on, but looking back, I have learnt more than 3 months worth of studies? The learning curve is crazy, but it definitely is working (<- div="" geddit="" hahaha="" hahahhahahha="" nbsp="" punlife="" wtf="">

So I'm learning this delay gratification thing. Perseverance is key I suppose. November was humbling. I have so much to learn.  

Gonna work my butt off.
Let's see what three years will do to me. 


Thank you for reading! 
Ranting so much nowadays, but I'll let you know I'm so grateful you're part of my growth.
You know I love you xx