I'm twenty-two and a-half.
Mar 20, 2016 Sunday, March 20, 2016 | 0 comments

I'm twenty-two and a half. 

Some call me an adult; some still see me as a child.
But what I see is this:

I'm twenty-two and a (almost) half.

I am a daughter, a sister, a cousin, an aunt.
I am a girlfriend, a partner, a friend.
I am a not-so-freshie, a team member. a batch mate.

I am a wanderer, a reader, a writer, 
I am a dreamer, a learner, a believer, 
I am a listener, a talker, a laugher.

I am a lover of a lot of things (maybe too many things)
I am a sucker for cats and dogs, (but god forbid they be mine)
And a potentially dementing pun-addict. (how I'd love to be professionally punny, really)

So how about this - 
I'm twenty two and a (barely) half.

I am an adult, and a child.
But most of all - 

I am human. 

I am the oldest and wisest I have been all my life.
But I am still growing;
and learning;
and trying.

And that is what I need to remind myself;
that we are all trying. 


I catch myself being mad at older humans sometimes,
mostly for them being less mature than expected for their age. 
But I forget, that we are all trying. 

We're all trying to do the best thing we know - for others or for ourselves.
We're all trying to be right. 
We're all trying to be our best self. 

And sometimes we fuck up - and that's okay.
As long as we keep growing;
and learning;
and trying.

As long as we keep trying; and remember that others are trying too.


Today, I am grateful for second chances - be it giving or getting. 
I am grateful for being reminded that kindness goes a long way;
that in every adult - no matter how old - there is a child;
that everyone is really just trying to be the best they know how to. 


So here's to the child within - within you, me, and everyone in between: 
Thank you for being wisest youknow.
Thank you for being strong. 
Thank you for being the best ever version of yourself. 
And thank you, thank you thank you thank you, for always trying.

Thank you.
And I love you x


Thank you for reading! 
Haven't blogged a scattered rant in the longest time I stared to wonder if I think at all anymore haha
Thank you for keeping a part me with you. 

I wish your heart receives all the happiness I'm sending 
Love you xxx