Blessed are the Ones
Apr 4, 2017 Tuesday, April 04, 2017 | 0 comments

Blessed are the ones,
who are genuinely kind;
the ones who take time to be wonderful,
and leave all they touch a little lighter. 

Blessed are the ones,
who are naturally loving;
the ones who feel the world with their heart,
and find joy in just being. 

Blessed are the ones,
who are generous in all;
the ones who know that the world is in abundance,
that all that is needed is provided,
and to give is to receive.

But also,

Blessed are the ones,
who are less sweet than bitter;
the ones who used to wear hearts on sleeves,
but were not given a heart in return.

Blessed are the ones,
who have their cups half empty (but still have a cup);
the ones who have the heart of gold,
but handicapped for having too much to lose.

Blessed are the ones,
who are lost and confused and a little sad;
the ones who know - or don't yet know - that this is not it,
that there is much more to learn and know and remember,
and love. 

For when they remember who they are,
they have so much to give. 


Thank you for reading! 
I don't know where I was going with this,
(then again, do I ever?)
but I know, as always, I love you.
And so does the tiny piece of me you will keep.

I hope mid-week is kind to you, 
and you will never have a day you'd wish away x

Love ,