What is your currency?
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I've been meaning to write about this for the longest time.

I spend a lot of my time thinking if behavior and personalities are by nature or nurture - and the closest I can come up with is "the core is by nature, but varied by nurture". The answer doesn't satisfy me as well as I would like it to.  But we will have to leave it at that until I find something more apt wtf.


I believe that we have advanced so much since the beginning of time that we lost track what is most important to us.

The common route we have been taught to go through was to 1. Graduate high school 2. Get through whatever highest education you can get 3. Get a job 4. Get married 5. Get children and finally, 6. Get your children in to college. It's no news, and it's not wrong - it was out of the kindest intentions of parents, based on their reality, when education was not just a pretty mask of a highly profitable business anyway.

Through that, we also learn - directly or indirectly - that money is important, and we need to work for money, because money is important. But for a lot of us, we have gone way past that. Sure, there are a minor portion of us who needs to make a living for survival, but a large chunk of us are privileged bitches who owns too many things we don't really need for "status".

In the era of technology and social media, amongst the fanciful OOTDs, pretty waffles, and well-coordinated feeds, a good 90% of things we see are facades we would like people to believe how our lives are like - airbrushed and perfect. Of course, there's nothing wrong with a beautiful picture that takes a respectable amount of patience and practiced skills to produce, but all I want to ask is this:

Is this really what you want? 

See, what I think is this:
I think that we have come so far that all we know are fragments of statements lost in translation.
We were taught to earn money, to love money, to need money, that we forget that money is a means - not an end. And this is where I ask:

What is your currency? 

What is the one exchange that is the most valuable to you? What is it you are working in exchange for?
For some of us, it is comfort - to have a comfortable life for your and the ones you love up to your standards. For some of us, it is freedom - the freedom to speak your truth, and be truly yourself.
But for most of us, it is sheer happiness, which could take many, many, many forms.

And if comfort, freedom, and happiness are their own form of currencies, any transaction is just a currency exchange, which would make a lot more sense than a cycle of unproductive madness really.

But we forget, don't we? We get so caught up with the expectation society have for us that are so uniformly standardized, as if we all have the same currencies; as if we all want the same kind of happiness; as if we all want to work in a cubicle of routine work that could be done by an AI within the next few years (I'm giving it 7).

What would you do if all jobs paid the same? 

I believe that some people stray from their passion because they learnt growing up that their passion was "stupid" or "low class", and I've always believed that a passionate person will always, in time, do the job better than even a skilled person, because you can't teach soul.  I mean, look at Marie Kondo making millions out of cleaning, and imagine the number of people who have given up their passion in cleaning because being a janitor was not a "professional job"?

I'm not mocking. I actually do know people who have given up their dreams of being a care-giver because it makes less money than a lawyer, and I know people who became doctors because their parents won't let them be fashion designers, deeming it not "practical" (their words, not mine wtf).

So, I ask you this:
Where will you be if you didn't know the unspoken hierarchy in careers? How will you live if you weren't taught that stability was ideal even though it meant living in a time capsule that things were constantly stagnant? What will you be like if you knew that having/executing different ideas only meant that you had an opinion that is as important as the next? Who will you be if you unlearned all the things that were noises to your decisions and loved only the things you truly loved? 
What is your currency - the one currency that is truly worthy for you to exchange with your limited time in your physical self?

I don't know where I'm trying to go with this, honestly.
But I know is this:
My currency is love and joy, and I would write, write, write my life away if I could. 
And you should be able to do all that you love. 


P.S it's probably a given, but not proof-read, as usual wtf

Thank you for reading! 
Haven't done open writing in a long time, and I missed it so much.
Not as mindless as I usually have them, but this is more a head-than-heart piece. (: 

Thank you for giving me a slice of your time in exchange for a piece of my thoughts. 
I hope the traffic is lovely and your parking is one of the nearest to the entrance x
I love you xxx