The divine timing
Nov 13, 2017 Monday, November 13, 2017 | 0 comments

Some people say that life is what you make of it; some people say all things are written and we're just here to fulfill our meaning. Things are happening all the time, and everything is constantly in motion, and time is passing, whether you like it or not. 

Some days I believe in the former - it gives a sense of control and fulfillment - but it drives me into anxiety whenever I think about having to figure out what kind of life it is I actually want and which direction I should take. How much fun is too much fun? How much do I have to "go for it" despite the nagging gut feeling? What if I end up being eighty four years old and realize that I have been chasing for something I care very little about? 

And things are happening all the time, and everything is constantly in motion, and time is passing, whether you like it or not. 

Then I fall into believing in the latter. Which is so much easier to do. Just, let be, and all will fall into place, and not having to take responsibility. And most times I believe in this more because (of science, mostly, but that's a thesis-worthy post we will never dwell into wtf) my heart rests well. Things seem to flow better and good things seem to always come and inspired intuition will come in due time, urging for you to take action.

Mostly, I hover between believing that it is a lot of knowing what your heart and gut want, and what you do about it. Make things happen but also allow things to happen. 

And things happen for a reason. Everything is constantly in motion. Time is always passing. 
And time is always right. 

Time is a funny thing on its own. For the little of what we factually understand, it started as an indication, a measurement to meet at a common ground, but as time passed it became a milestone check, and became something we race with.

The idea of the divine timing is this: Everything is exactly when it's supposed to be.
Sometimes, we don't get what we want immediately-immediately. Most times, we don't get them when we want them most. But most things don't make sense up-close, but time will pass, and you will be dragged further from your current reality, and you will realize that you had went through what you've been through so that it could be built up to whatever / whoever you are right now.

And then there is the divine storm for the undecided.

For a large fraction of time, it was paralyzing for me to think how different my life would be if I took all the risks and made curious intuitive decisions that can't be fully rationalized; almost always I would end up wishing for parallel universes to be true and enough science for me to watch how things could be, and be at peace knowing that, at least in some ways, I lived that life too.

Later I learnt that, no matter how meticulous you are in sculpting your conscious-ideal-justified life, sometimes things happen - they will come in waves and lighting, intimidating and unannounced, and it will feel as if you've lost all control and things are too fast and nothing makes sense. And that is the divine storm, conjured to reset your course of motion (there is actual science behind this, don't doubt me wtf).

I may not be right, but knowing of the divine storm and divine timing puts my heart, because nothing is wrong and nothing can go wrong. And maybe if it will help yours rest, I hope you know this:
You are always on the right track, in the right time, going through the right things. 
And if things don't turn out the way you want it, maybe it wasn't what you truly wanted. 
All you have to do, is make time count, be a person with a heart, have fun, and be truly happy at any stage, knowing with ease that the universe/god/science will work their magic.
And you just have to be there and allow it. 

P.S not proof-read what else wtf

Thank you for reading!  
Honesty am very unsure of how this piece turned out wtf
I was absolutely fickle about this piece it has been sitting in draft for the longest time
Being mindful but thoughtless is a balance I have yet to master haha
I will be perpetually terrified of what people may think when I put up something close to home,
But I hope at least one person gets relieve out of knowing 
And that will be enough :) x 

Thank you for taking a piece of me with you.
I wish for you everything you wish for x