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Dec 26, 2011 Monday, December 26, 2011 | 5 comments

And so. I went Uni scouting with ze parents last Saturday. Totally last minute plan lol. Initial plan was to enroll into university next year September. The sudden change of plans was... a blur. LOL I still haven't made out why I suddenly decided that I want to start classes earlier. Probably due to my multi-fail attempts in looking for jobs wtf.

Anyway, that's all besides the point. Main point is, HOW COME DEGREE COURSE ALL SO EXPENSIVE ONE? Like seriously, the cheapest Business degree course I could find summed up to a RM69k for a 3 year course, excluding the books. 

Okay la, to be fair, idk what public universities offer cause I cannot enter. Cause no SPM wtf. (I was an O-level student. Long ass story. Not going there.) But come on la, 69k? That's one year 23k leh. 2k per month fml. EDUCATION, Y U NO CHEAP? #yunoguy.jpg

And somemore sebagai a student (yang malas wtf), I has zero salary. Zero. Kosong. Bulat. 
Pocket money is not salary okay. Pocket money also considered as education expenses wtf.
So you see la, it's basically 69k output and kosong input. If I have a bank account solely on how much my life is worth, I'd have a -69k extra now. 

It doesn't really make sense to me lor. It's like investing 69k in to a cert to get you a job.
But nowadays, degree cert also cannot get a job with good pay la wtf. So it's lousy investment.
Okay la, let's pretend we're mega smart people, no need to repeat any papers and no change in the exchange rate (God bless us, no inflation happen in the next 3 years please), starting salary of a business degree graduate is about RM2.5k if you're very lucky. 

So, RM2.5k. Let's say we still stay with our parents. Contrasting off all the, petrol/parking/eat/ktv/shopping/yang lain-lain, the balance of your salary should be like, RM1.1? That is if you stay with parents, don't club/smoke/shisha/arcade/pool/etc and eat within RM7 a meal. Not easy la. Some social expenses are inevitable. :/

So let's take it as RM1.1k la (which is already super hard to achieve) It's going to take you about 67 months to get back your university tuition fees. 67 months is bloody 5 and a half years. Okay, even with an increase in salary, the best you can do is 4 years 9 months. Unless you win ToTo and 4D wtf.

SO. For the next 8 years, your income/output contrasts to zero. Yes. KOSONG. Like wtf, by that time I'd be 27 already! Even though it'll feel like, macam yes jiang, know how to earn money already. Zhang da liao, bangga sikit. Padahal, you haven't earn anything. Your life net worth still kosong cause everything earned is only enough to cover back what you invested wtf.

What sort of a investment is this? Takes 5 years to get your capital back. And this is IF you are lucky. If, dai gat lai si *touchwood*, that time got recession, not enough jobs how? And the risk term is 5 years! All Economic students know that the business cycle, 5 years confirm got recession one. 

In short, we kind of, like, pay to earn money. It's indirectly exactly like all the internet scheme only. Those "Pay to join membership to earn money from home!" kind of thing. wtf

Haih. But *shrugs* bo bian la, it's a do or die thing. If you don't have cert, CONFIRM no job. That's even worse. :/

[edit] Disclaimer: Okay maybe starting salary not accurate cause, idk, maybe my cousin report lower/higher to avoid the need to belanja makan or what wtf.

Oh, and by the way, I didn't take the RM69k course :3 HEHE 
BUT STILL, I have my point about feeling cheated right?! 

ANYWAY, I'm officially now an ACCA student! ;D 
Classes start on Jan 3rd! And I'm super excited over it! HOHO. :D

I got a good feeling for next year la. It's going to be a fresh start cause not many people I know are going there. :)

Explains the title ;P

Merry belated Christmas! ;D