Dec 22, 2011 Thursday, December 22, 2011 | 4 comments

And this is how I roll.

See? This is why you must always have an extra picture or two of yourself in a drafted blog post. So wherever you go, you can blog. lol.

Came over Taylor's to get my official result slip and settle a couple of things. And because we're gathering at ECA to head over Ian's house later, I stayed over at ECA. Alone. 
Which explains the title. LOL

Haih, ECA is so not ECA without the TDC-ians la! STUDIO, Y U NO RENOVATE EARLIER! >:O
I've been here since 12.30 pm. That makes it a good 3 hours of reading. :)
And of course sleeping lol wtf.

I don't even know why I decided to leave house so early. Maybe my mom's right. I just can't stick my arse at home. Have to go out. LOL.

But it's not like I have better things to do at home anyway. I'd end up here - online I mean.

Anyway! I'm finally doing SOMETHING about my driving! Went for the 6 hour listening (slept for a good 3hours wtf). I'm starting lessons on 1st Jan! :D What a way to start 2012 right?

Shoutout to the people living in Puchong. DO NOT get on the road on 1st and 2nd Jan. LOL You should really see me drive the virtual driving games. You'd probably freak out good. LOL

Oh kay! Alex is about to come over! No longer #foreveralone!
HAHA toodles! :)