I'm a #girlfailure wtf
Dec 5, 2011 Monday, December 05, 2011 | 4 comments

Sometimes, I just need to know that I mean something. 
Long ass ranting ahead, feel free to close tab wtf. 

Yesterday ze boyf and I were talking about Bosco and Myolie's wedding. (They are not married. But I thought they were la, cause suddenly out of no where got fan-made wedding video wtf) Anyway, one thing led to another, ze boyf admitted that he is terrible at being romantic wtf. 

Which is a good thing. For me, at least.

I know la, stereotypically speaking, girls are supposed to be a sucker at romance, especially when being in a relationship, they just get love drunk. cough*MINMIN*cough. 
And guys... er, that one I don't know, but I think they try to be? Most romantic ideas already seen in Korean and Hongkie Dramas la, so idk if it comes from them or they copy one wtf

But for me.. saying that I'm terrible at being romantic is an understatement wtf. Like really. Okay watching romantic movie is a different story la, THEY GOT SCRIPT TO FOLLOW KAY. But when it happens in real life, my brain literally goes "dafak i do now?" wtf wtf wtf #failuretothemax

The first time I encountered a 'relationship-y surprise', I panicked a little, stoned for a bit. And, I kid you not, I was square enough to say "er.. thankyou. how am I supposed to react ah?" wtf mega #awkwardmoment

Most girls like flowers. And I fail to comprehend why wtf. I mean, what do you do with the flowers? (This is why #tvdramafail. Never show what happens to the flowers one wtf) But it wilts eventually. And they are not cheap, from what I heard. 2bucks per rose. BUT CANNOT DO ANYTHING WITH IT ALSO! No, i'm not being sarcastic or wtv, I really want to know why? Girls, leave me a note or smth and tell me why? :)

Idk It's probably just me. I'm the type that'll opt to go walk-while-eat at pasar malam over a candle light dinner anyday. Main reason being I cannot eat and be pretty at the same time wtf. 

I like simple things. A day-in in mega huge T-shirt and shorts with a largeass sofa, bottles of carbonated drinks, icecreams, pizzas and enough movies to kill 8hours sounds like a perfect date to me (Y) 8hours cause then that I can allocate 2 hours for toilet time, 2 hours of CastleVille and another 12 for sleeping wtf

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against romance. I just, cannot react to it LOL. But all is good, cause the boyf says like this easier to manage wtf.