Bitch, please.
Jan 14, 2012 Saturday, January 14, 2012 | 3 comments

Instangram makes everyone look prettier :P 

People who actually have me on Facebook would know that every now and then, I'd post a picture of me with a quote that has totally nothing to do with the picture as the caption wtf. 
But apparently, some people have a problem with this. 

For the people who didn't, now you know wtf. And I swear, most of my caption-quotes and statuses are original. It'd be cited otherwise. But even the ones that requires citations are the ones that rarely heard and are, in my opinion, beautifully written. So no, no repetition of quotes. And no, rarely love quotes. 

Just to clarify, I post the quotes cause I personally love quote. I use them as descriptions cause, lol, it's my way of "filing" the quotes I love. I'm not a fan of pencils and notebooks so don't suggest me to write it down instead. And any alternative suggestions you can keep it to yourself cause I like my way of keeping my quotes thankyouverymuch. 

I treat my facebook as a diary-somewhat. It's MY facebook after all. So if you're not happy about my pictures appearing on your news feed, kindly "Hide stories from Daphne Poh" or , if you like, unfriend me. Like I'd care. 

So yes, I'm going to continue posting macam-yes camwhore pictures of myself with quotes as captions. Got a problem with that? Good. 

P.S. Yes, it is PMS.