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Mar 28, 2012 Wednesday, March 28, 2012 | 6 comments

I don't understand people who are in a relationship and call their partner ugly and mean it
Like seriously. Who in the right mind calls their girlfriend as "the one with crooked teeth" or "the one with lazy eyes"? And to say that with a disgusted face? Really? I mean, if you said that with a more positive body language, I'd try to understand. God knows, people have all sorts of fetish. I know of some guys who finds girls with cellulite-y thighs sexy wtf. ("Womanly curvaceous", they call it. But that's not my point.) But even when they call their girlfriend "fat ass", they say it with a smile, or just, you know, not disgusted. We can tell that they're just teasing.
Okay, so maybe sometimes it doesn't work that way. You have to admit - guys are not as sensitive with words as compared to girls, and girls are that bit too sensitive when it comes to interpreting words, then you get the big hoo-ha drama where I'd just watch and prepare popcorns wtf. 
But who the hell would describe their girlfriend with words like that. And when I say describe, I mean oh-you-haven't-met-my-girlfriend-let-me-describe-her kind of describe. 
Hello, sir? 
In case you haven't noticed, your let-me-describe pretty much means that you're bloody making a first impression for her. You don't go "oh you haven't meet my girlfriend? Oh ya, she's the one with crooked, jutting-out teeth" wtf. 

Like dafaq dude? You might as well have just told me that she has body odor and stinking breath wtf.  There are so many other qualities you can talk about. Like what course she is in, what club she participates in, or like, how about her Facebook name? wtf. OR if you have to, you could have used a better term. "not too perfect teeth" sounds way better than "crooked and jutted out" wtf. 
Not that I have anything against people with crooked teeth, body odor or stinking breath.  But it's not a first impression anyone would want, even if it's true. 

AND YOU'RE HER BLOODY BOYFRIEND. You're supposed to be the one standing up to defend her when she's being joked about her imperfections, not the one highlighting them. 
Being in a relationship should be good for both the partners. Both should bring out the best out of each other. Being in a relationship should mean that two individuals who are capable of being independent, opt to be for, and with, each other. In my opinion, anyway.

Ugh. I don't get couples like this.

I don't even know what this post is about. I just. Had to get this out my chest.